Our improved mobile timesheet

We’ve improved the interface for all configurable In/out and Time Distribution Grid timesheets in Replicon Mobile. See the video below for key functionality changes.

You’ll see these key improvements:

  • A new, quicker time entry experience, including an option to enter time across multiple days at once
  • The ability to search clients, projects, and tasks at once, which is helpful, for example, if you know the name of the task, but not the client or project
  • The option to copy data from your previous timesheet or from your schedule

Time Distribution Grid timesheets will look like this:

While In/out timesheets will look like this:

Other improvements include:

  • Direct access to your timesheet, without having to select it from a list first
  • Entries are automatically saved whenever you navigate away
  • A consistent UI when accessing time off from the timesheet and from the time off section
  • Timesheet components display in the order configured in the template

In addition, the following timesheet components will be supported:

  • Daily Fields
  • Timesheet Fields
  • Time Off In Lieu
  • Allocation categories

Note some differences between the old and new In/Out interface:

  • In the new UI, the way users record in and out times will be more intuitive: they will choose a time directly, rather than using a numeric keypad
  • Suggestions based on previous entries will no longer be available, but you will be able to enter time across multiple days

Also, in a related change, if you’re a time punch user who’s still using the old interface, you’ll soon be upgraded to use the new UI.

With this new interface, Android users will lose the ability to enter time while offline; this option was never supported for the iOS version.

Note that these improvements apply only to configurable timesheet formats – those using legacy timesheets won’t see any changes.

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