New features in Replicon 2020

Here are the new features we added to Replicon in 2020!

Agility features

  1. Voice-controlled punching with CloudClock
  2. Upgrades to the in-app data import
  3. Ability to copy timesheet rows
  4. Report Schedule report template
  5. Pay Details (for custom pay rules) report template
  6. Improvements to the login flow
  7. New API documentation
  8. API rate limits
  9. New Replicon community
  10. New summary option for report custom columns
  11. New Time Off In Lieu Deposit column to the Time Off Balances report template
  12. Show all options link in Replicon Mobile for iOS
  13. An improvement to timesheet recalculation
  14. New background status for CloudClocks
  15. Easier navigation between timesheet periods in Replicon Mobile
  16. Select All and Deselect All options for assigning activities
  17. Search functionality for drop-down custom field values when punching in
  18. Search functionality when selecting a new schedule from the Schedule Type field in user profiles
  19. Search functionality for finding project managers when editing multiple projects at once
  20. New filtering on the pay run list page
  21. New filtering on the Projects > Resources page
  22. New filtering on the Previous Exports page of the Time Workbench
  23. New filtering on the Administration > Time Off Types page
  24. New filtering in Replicon Mobile, when selecting a client for a user’s choice project
  25. Users prevented from accessing future timesheets by modifying URLs
  26. Reduced access to timesheet data in reports for project approvers
  27. Removal of time off buttons for those who don’t book time off

Scalability features

  1. Polaris PSA product
  2. Options for analyzing data using Tableau and Microsoft Power BI
  3. Optional custom display name for users
  4. Ability to use code as the unique identifier for projects or clients
  5. Ability to limit cost manager’s access
  6. Ability to limit who can be assigned reports and as a substitute
  7. Ability to move groups
  8. Dynamic re-assignment of group access
  9. Programs and groups in the TimeBill Plus product

Partnership launches

  1. SAP partnership
  2. Replicon for Salesforce
  3. Settings for users added via the ADP Marketplace are updated upon re-import
  4. Out of the box SSO authentication for ADP

Global compliance

  1. UI support for paid breaks
  2. Updated master pay rule
  3. 9/80 Alternative Schedule pay rule
  4. The ability to copy timesheet and time off validation rules and punch rounding rules
  5. Belize pay rule
  6. Colombia pay rule
  7. Latvia pay rule
  8. Lithuania pay rule
  9. Luxembourg pay rule
  10. Puerto Rico pay rule
  11. Serbia pay rule
  12. Ukraine pay rule
  13. United Kingdom pay rule
  14. Updated dozens of pay rules
  15. Mandatory Comments for Changes to Timesheets timesheet validation rule
  16. Dynamic Timesheet Hours timesheet validation rule
  17. Required Rest Days over a Specific Period timesheet validation rule
  18. Average Workday Hours in a Continuous Period timesheet validation rule
  19. Overtime Hours Over a Specific Period timesheet validation rule
  20. Daily & Weekly Overtime Hours timesheet validation rule
  21. Configurable Daily/Weekly Rest Period timesheet validation rule
  22. Work Day Hours Including/Excluding Time Off timesheet validation rule
  23. Updated the Mandatory Custom Fields  timesheet validation rule
  24. Client selection for “User’s Choice” projects timesheet validation rule
  25. Restrict Multiple Booking Durations in Leave Year time off validation rule
  26. Prevent Users from Booking Time Off based on a Dynamic Threshold time off validation rule
  27. Updated the Restrict Booking Duration in Leave Year time off validation rule
  28. Project Manager Approves Time conditional approval rule
  29. Second Level Supervisor Approves conditional approval rule
  30. Meal Break Validation with Dynamic Penalty Pay punch validation rule
  31. Accrual Based On Service Period time off accrual rule
  32. Yearly Accrual with Qualifying Event time off accrual rule
  33. Time Off in Lieu Expiry time off accrual rule
  34. Starting Balance Per Calendar Month time off policy rule
  35. Restrict Re-Opening Approved Timesheets workflow condition
  36. Improved the Previous Timesheet Excluding Time Data population method