New features in 2021

Here are the new features we added to Replicon’s Core Time management platform and Polaris PSA in 2021!


Core Time Features

  1. Automatically assign team members to all tasks after adding to a project 
  2. Ability to limit who can be assigned to a project team, by group
  3. Ability to choose whether all users are automatically assigned to new projects
  4. New daily time report for monitoring users who haven’t entered time on work days
  5. Improved task selector on timesheets
  6. Ability to submit individual time entries
  7. Ability to manually adjust time off
  8. Next/previous options in timesheets for approvers
  9. Ability to prevent project managers from editing main project details
  10. Task and user dynamic custom fields
  11. Custom help links
  12. Faster client/project/task selection
    • Roll out of the new client/project/task selector and search to nearly 80% of our customers without issue
    • Automatically skip client selection when none of the user’s assigned projects have clients (also improves performance of the selector)
    • Highlight exact matches to search terms to help users with complex project codes (pending roll out)
    • Options to control whether projects and tasks are available for selection outside of their start/end dates
  13. Usability improvements for quicker time entry
    • Option to set a default billing rate for each project team member, so users only need to select values for exceptions.
    • Users can capture addresses on the timesheet, with auto-suggest for quick entry (pending GA roll out)
    • Eliminated reloads and dialogs when submitting timesheets for a smoother submit process
    • Administrators can set up English users with their native decimal and grouping (1000s) separator so they can enter time matching the conventions in their region (pending roll out)
    • Relabelled “Overwrite with” button to “Quick fill with” and displaying a meaningful confirmation message based on population method selection (pending roll out)
    • Grouping of population methods to avoid confusion by seeing only relevant options (pending roll out).
    • Messaging improvements in timesheet tooltips and dialogs
  14. Improved approver visibility
    • Enhancements to provide conditional and specified approvers visibility to the whole timesheet, including the time off in lieu, daily fields, and bank time
    • Enhancements to ensure project managers only see widgets with project time entered
  15. Timesheet performance
    • Faster response time for users when submitting and approving timesheets via web sockets
    • Improved client-side performance, especially on timesheets with hundreds of entries, by 90%
  16. New language packs
    • Marathi
    • Slovak
    • Arabic (in progress)


Time and Attendance Features

  1. New default pay rule capabilities
    • Support monthly averaged overtime calculations
    • Configurable Auto-break deduction
    • Shift premium pay based as a flat rate or based on actual hours
    • Ability to configure and use multiple overlapping premium hour segments
    • Ability to include Time Off for monthly and yearly averaged overtime calculations
    • New default Multi-State Pay Rule to better support customer use-cases where non-exempt employees work across state lines


Polaris PSA Features

  1. Task roll ups
  2. Improved project resource request
  3. Role based costing
  4. Default invoice template
  5. Gen3 to Polaris migration
  6. Limited Permissions - Support all combinations of limited project manager permissions and limited group access
  7. Resource Management Multi Currency Support - Handle situations where resource costs are in different currencies
  8. Show Resource Timeline by Period - Values shown on the resource timeline are broken down by period to align with how customers work
  9. Skills Import - Enhanced data import to support importing skills and user skill assignments
  10. Resource Request Tags - Added the ability to include resource tags to the requirement on resource requests
  11. Resource Flow Shortcuts - Users with both Project Manager & Resource Manager permissions can complete the resourcing flow more quickly
  12. Reports Resource Tags Support - Enhanced resource reports to allow any tags set on the resource to be included
  13. Release Resource Task Warning - When releasing a resource who is a task owner, task details are displayed to ensure project deliveries are not impacted
  14. Edit Complete Allocation (Project Grid View) - Users with the right permissions can edit complete resource allocations without going through the approval process (Note: This is only supported in the project resourcing grid view)
  15. Time Off Aware Allocation - Easier resource allocation by taking user schedules, time off, and other allocations into account when distributing allocated hours to days
  16. Resource Allocation Totals - When allocating resources to a request, see totals of what has been allocated vs. requested
  17. One Stop Resource - Project View (Rollout In Progress) - Single screen to see the entire resources associated with a Resource Manager
  18. Enhanced search and filter functionalities (Rollout In Progress) - Search by resource name/s, and in the Quick allocation page filter the resources by the Projects, Clients and Programs
  19. Edit Complete and Draft allocations (Chart view) (Rollout In Progress) - Click on the allocation of the resource in a project to edit the value or drag and resize to extend the allocation, even for a completed allocation
  20. Quick Allocation and Edit(Rollout In Progress) - The quick allocation screen will allow users to edit the resource project allocation quickly by clicking on them, or by drag and resize
  21. Sync Invoice - Ability to sync invoices with financial applications, status and bulk sync
  22. Auto Numbered Transactions - Users can configure the counters and prefixes for bills, payments and credit memos and auto populate them at the time of creating bills, payments and credit memos
  23. Bill Status - Users can create a bill and save it as draft that can be later “Issued” or marked “Void” 
  24. Bill Period - Users can capture for which period the bill is getting created, is displayed on the transaction and can be sorted
  25. Quick Filters on Transactions - Introduced new quick filters for draft, issued and void bills
  26. Import Utilities - Users can import the bill plan and rate card for the projects
  27. Revenue Recognition Starting Month - Allows to define the “Starting Month” since when the revenue will be recognized in Polaris
  28. Multi-Currency - Allows revenue managers to recognize revenue in base currency even if the projects may have contracts in currencies other than the base currency
  29. Import Recognized Revenue and Forecast
  30. Auto Opening of New month on closing the current month
  31. Expenses include the Project Cost - Project Cost is broken down to resource cost and expenses. The breakdown is visible at project / program and client level and reports


Security and Reliability Features

  1. New Replicon uptime and incident status page


Global Compliance Features

  1. California Meal Break compliance update
    • New “Employee Attestation” Waiver to allow customers to take advantage of California Supreme Court’s ruling on allowing employees to attest whether a required meal break period was willingly missed or shortened due to no fault of the employer
    • Updated Meal Break Waiver and Employee Attestation Waiver UI to allow more configurability for customers and ease of use by users
    • Updated meal break validation rules with added flexibility and ability to configure custom display messages and unique content for individual missed breaks
    • Updated meal and rest break validations to ensure commonality where designated pay rules can use any of the meal and rest break related validations to output meal premium pay
    • New meal break waiver audit trail report capturing all meal break related validations and user selections and edits on waiver prompts
  1. Added coverage for 10 new countries
    • Qatar
    • Indonesia
    • Turkmenistan
    • Russia
    • South Africa
    • Israel
    • Bulgaria
    • Egypt
    • Panama
    • Tunisia
  2. Added 5 new timesheet validations to support statutory requirements
    • New Timesheet Validation:  "Min/Max Characters on Comments"
    • New Validation Rule: "Escalated to next supervisor after elapsed time" Expense Validation Rule
    • New Timesheet Validation: Daily Maximum Hours
    • New Timesheet Validation Rule:  "Validate for Negative Hours"
    • New Workflow Condition: "Prevent Payroll Managers from approving own timesheet"
  3. Added 11 new time off accrual and validation rules to support statutory requirements & customer use-cases
    • New Time Off Accrual Rule: Compensatory Rest Accrual Rule
    • New Time Off Accrual Rule: Yearly/Monthly Accrual with Expiry & Rounding
    • New TimeOff Accrual Rule:  Yearly accrual based on weekly scheduled hours
    • New Time Off Validation Rule:  Restrict from booking at the start / end of the day
    • New TimeOff Validation:  Min/Max Characters on Comments
    • New Time Off Booking Validation Rule: Validate above scheduled hours for calendar days
    • New Time Off Limitation Rule: Prevent Accrual Based on Service Period in Calendar Year
    • New TimeOff Booking Validation Rule:  Prevent bookings prior to policy effective date
    • New Time Off Limitation Rule: Cap Accruals for the Week
    • New TimeOff Accrual Rule:  Accrual Based on Completed Month
    • New Time Off Accrual Rule:  Accrual Based on Completed Days
  1. Updated 9 other existing timesheet validations  to support statutory requirements & customer use-cases
  2. Updated 5 other existing time off accrual and validation rules  to support statutory requirements & customer use-cases


New Integrations

  1. Time tracking for service organizations from Replicon is now an SAP endorsed app
  2. New Replicon Fiori App for SAP S/4HANA Cloud fully integrates Replicon within the SAP UI
  3. Replicon for ADP WorkforceNow Premium
  4. Microsoft Project Online for Replicon
  5. Support for event-based integration via webhooks
  6. Updates to Salesforce Marketplace Integration
    • Support transfer and sync criteria based on custom fields
    • Support “connect to existing account” workflow for existing customers on the Replicon and Polaris Salesforce Apps