Managing payroll download file formats

Before you can start using the Payroll Workbench to prepare payroll, you’ll need to ensure a download format for your payroll provider is in place.

Replicon currently has an out-of-the-box format available for ADP, ADP pay@work, and SAP, as well as a CSV format, plus we’re working on adding additional formats. Please contact us if you’d like more information on having your payroll provider’s format added.

Download formats typically define the general format (e.g. CSV) and the row/column layout (e.g. a row for each pay code, per user) of the export file. In some cases, the format may also define which columns are available for inclusion. However, you may need to update column names to match the requirements of your data provider when adding the format.

To add an export file format:

  1. Go to Payroll > Payroll Workbench.

  1. Click the Manage File Formats link, located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

All the file formats that are currently available for use when downloading pay runs display.

  1. Click Add File Format.

  1. Give the format a name and select your payroll provider from the list.

If your provider isn’t listed, you can either use the CSV option, or you can contact Replicon to find out if a format is available for your provider or if a custom format can be created.

  1. Click Add Column.

A row displays, with a drop-down Value field and a label that matches it.

Be sure to add columns in the order you want them to display (i.e. the first column should appear first). You can reorder them, if needed.

  1. Choose a column you’d like to include in your export – you can enter text in the field to search for the columns.

The label will be the column header in the exported file. If necessary, update the label to match the requirements of your payroll provider.

A Fixed Value column is available in this list, which you can use to define values that don't change, like your company code. If you select Fixed Value, an additional field will display, where you can enter the value.

We don't recommend using the following fields in exports, since they always show the current value selected in the system, and not the value set for each entry:

  • Employee Type (legacy employee types)
  • Department Name (legacy departments)
  • Department Code (legacy departments)
  • User Status
  • Login Name
  • Email Address
  • Current Supervisor

If you want to include departments or employee types in exports, we recommend that you upgrade to our groups-based departments and employee types, which use effective dates. Contact your Customer Success manager or Replicon Support for information on upgrading.

  1. Continue clicking Add Column and selecting values until you’ve added all the fields you need to export.
  2. Click Save.

The file format you added will now be available to select when you download a pay run.

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