How can we create categories for projects?

Projects are automatically categorized as ones you own versus ones you have access to, and you can select the My Projects filter on the Projects list page to view only your projects.

Projects can also be categorized into various programs, there's a Programs filter on the Projects list page that allows you to view only projects belonging to a certain program.

You can also use filters to view projects by client, project manager, location, etc.

But, you may sometimes need to classify projects by some custom criteria. For example, maybe you're undertaking certain projects yourself, but are finding third-party contractors to complete other projects. So, you want to create Internal and External project categories.

You can do this easily using project custom fields. Simply create a drop-down Internal or External? field that includes Internal and External options, and assign one of these values for each project.

Then, a Internal or External? filter will display on the Project list page, and you can filter the list so only internal or external projects display. You can also find this field and the assigned values for each project in applicable Replicon reports.

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