Holiday not auto-populating on configurable timesheets for users with shift schedules

There are a few reasons why holidays don’t auto-populate for shift users, assuming automatic generation of holiday bookings is otherwise set up correctly:

  • The employee has not been assigned a shift schedule on the holiday in question
  • The shift schedule that includes that holiday has not been published
  • The shift schedule was assigned to the employee after the corresponding timesheet was generated
  • Time is booked off on the holiday using Replicon Mobile or CloudClock

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Go to Schedule, and unpublish and publish the shift schedule.
  2. Go to Payroll > Holiday Bookings, and find the Holiday booking for the holiday and user in question and delete it.
  3. Go to Administration > Employees and Organization > Users, and click the name of the user in question.
  4. Click Schedule, and then Add Holiday Bookings.
  5. Define a date range, if desired, ensuring it includes the holiday date.

If you leave this range open, it will populate all holidays in that range with bookings.

  1. Click Add Bookings.

A correct booking for the holiday should now automatically appear.

If this error affects multiple employees, consider repopulating the holiday bookings from the Holiday Calendars section. Refer to Adding multiple holiday bookings at once for more information.

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