Handling prior period payroll adjustments

If a timesheet or time off booking is changed after it was included in a pay run, the change in time and pay will be available as an adjustment that can be included in a future pay run.

To include a prior period adjustment:

  1. Go to Payroll > Payroll Workbench.
  2. Use the Date filter to filter by the desired prior period date range or your department's standard trailing period.

You can also filter by specific users or groups, if you’re looking for adjustments related to a specific user or group.

  1. From the Pay Run Status filter, select None and click Refresh Data.

This will show only data that isn’t currently included in a pay run of any status.

  1. To see adjustments, add the Timesheet Period and/or Entry Date columns to the table.

This will break down the pay data by time period, so adjustments aren't obscured by other data for that user.

  1. Create a pay run that includes the adjustment and download it.

You can also find adjustments by enabling the Pay Run Status filter on the Payroll > Timesheets tab and looking for Changed items – items that have been changed since they were included in a pay run.


Do we have to mark pay run data as Complete before adjustments to that data will be available?

No. As soon as a time entry is included in a draft pay run, any changes users make to it will display as adjustments.

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