Generating manually-triggered custom billing items

If you use Professional Services Automation or RepliconPSM, we can create a script for you that generates custom billing items when you click a button.

For example, if you bill clients based on completion of project milestones, you could have a script set up that finds any tasks that:

  • Have a particular task custom field assigned
  • Have a custom field indicating the amount to be billed when that milestone task is completed, and
  • Were closed in the past 30 days

Whenever the project or billing manager clicks the trigger button, a billing item will be generated for each task it found.

Scripts can utilize various project parameters to determine how and when billing items are generated, such as project, task, or timesheet custom fields, or whether or not a task is closed.

Contact Replicon Support if you’d like more information or if you would like us to prepare a custom script to your specifications.

Manually triggering your Project Billing Calculation Rule script

To use a Project Billing Calculation Rule script:

  • You must have the Replicon Platform Tools product enabled in your instance
  • The Billing Calculation Rules administrator permission must be enabled
  • The rule must be enabled as follows: Select Administration > Projects > Billing Calculation Rules, then click Project Billing Calculation Rule, and then click the Status toggle so it reads Enabled

Once the script is enabled in your system, a Project Billing Calculation Rule heading – and beneath it a Recalculation button – will display at the bottom of the Billing Rates tab for all projects. Click this button to run the script.


Can the script be run for multiple projects or clients?

No. The script can only be triggered to run for one project at a time.

Will duplicate billing items be created if we click the button multiple times?

If you have a script set up, you can run the script as often as you wish by clicking the button. The script will look for duplicates, so it will only create any new billing items required since the button was last clicked, based on the script parameters.

Can we run a manual script and other billing calculation scripts for a single project?

Multiple scripts can be run against a single project, but you’d generally only need to use one method for generating billing items for a project.

Can we use multiple Project Billing Calculation Rule scripts in our system?

No, only one script can be applied to your system at a time. However, you can include multiple criteria for creating billing items in one script.

How can we identify whether a billing item was manually created?

Within the script, a custom name can be assigned to any manually-triggered billing items. You can use this to identify the billing item’s origin.

Why can’t I see the Recalculation button on the billing rates tab?

Check that you’ve enabled the script, as outlined above. The button won’t display unless the Project Billing Calculation Rule rule is enabled.

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