Exporting payroll data to ADP

If you're using the Payroll Workbench, refer to Creating and downloading a pay run for information exporting pay data.

Once your payroll data is ready, you can export it to ADP for processing. Replicon provides a CSV export that is pre-formatted for use with ADP PC/Payroll.

Before exporting, you’ll need to set up the export, including configuring ADP-specific fields and choosing which columns to include. Then, at the end of each payroll period you can filter and export the data. Once the export file is downloaded, you can feed it into ADP to complete your payroll.

During each export, the timesheet data is marked as exported so it is not duplicated in future payroll runs. If an employee’s timesheet is changed after export, an adjustment is automatically included in the next export. Previously exported data is available to re-download at any time.

If you use a system other than ADP for your payroll, you can export data using reports.

Setting up the export

Before you export data, you’ll need to set up the export to match your specific ADP configuration.

To set up the ADP export:

  1. Go to Payroll > Export.
  2. Click the Settings button.

  1. In the dialog that opens, enter a Batch ID or choose one of the automated options.

If you enter an ID, it must be unique – it cannot be one that was used in ADP previously.

  1. Enter the Company Code used by ADP.
  2. Enable the check box next to each column you want to include in the export.
  3. Where necessary, enter a new label to match the column name in ADP.

  1. To change the order of the columns in the export file, click on the column name and drag it up or down.

  1. Click Save.

Exporting the data

Each time you export, all of the data currently listed in the table is included in the export file. If you typically split your payroll into multiple runs for different groups of users, you can use the filters above the table to narrow down the data for each run.

To export to ADP:

  1. Go to Payroll > Export.
  2. Click on the Up Through date selector. Choose the last date to include in the export and click Apply.

  1. Filter the data to choose which data will be exported.

  1. Click the Preview button to update the data based on the selected filters.

Previously exported data is automatically excluded and is not shown.

  1. Click the Export button.

  1. Save the generated CSV file and import it into ADP PC/Payroll.

Accessing previous exports

To view a list of previously completed exports, click Archived Exports in the top, right corner of the page.

Click on an export period to re-download the CSV file for that export.

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