Ensuring pay calculations are up to date

We recommend that you ensure all pay rule calculations are up to date before running payroll.

You can do this by checking the status of calculations, and forcing recalculation if you notice timesheets are out of date.  If your pay calculations rely on data outside the timesheet, and that data might have changed, you should also force recalculation of pay.

Checking the status of pay calculations

You can check the status by looking at the Pay Calculations column on the Payroll > Timesheets page.

There are three possible statuses, as outlined in the table below.

Status What this status means
Out of Date The pay rule has never run or has not run since the last change to the timesheet. This status may result if the timesheet's owner left the timesheet before the calculation was triggered.
Failed The pay rule calculation failed in its last run. Failure of a rule to calculate is generally caused by an issue with the rule itself. This could mean there was a script failure or perhaps the calculation timed out before it was completed.
Up to Date The pay rule calculation succeeded in its last run

Forcing recalculation of pay rules

If a timesheet has a status of Out of Date or Failed, this indicates the pay rule may not have calculated as expected, which could result in pay discrepancies. You can attempt to remedy the issue by forcing recalculation of pay rules -- this should resolve most issues. However, if calculation failed due to an issue with the script, and the script hasn’t been fixed, those calculations will still fail.

To force recalculation:

  1. Go to the Payroll > Timesheets page.
  2. Select the check box for all timesheets whose pay you want recalculated. Pay for all timesheets you select will be recalculated, even if they're up to date.
  3. Click the Update Pay Calculations button.
If forcing recalculation doesn't resolve your issues, talk to your system administrator or contact Replicon Support.

If data outside the timesheet impacts pay...

You may have set up pay calculations that rely on data outside the timesheet. For example, pay may be based on the user’s shift schedule. This external data is incorporated into pay calculations when timesheets are saved.

But, if that external data changes after you save a timesheet – for example, if the user's schedule changes – no recalculation will be triggered. In cases like this, your pay calculation may be out of date, even if the timesheet shows Up to Date status.

Therefore, you should always force recalculation of pay calculations that rely on data outside the timesheet if that data may have changed since the timesheet was last saved.


What should I do if a pay calculation fails for a timesheet?

If one or mor timesheets has a status of Failed, this is likely caused by an issue with your pay rules script – the rule used to calculate pay. If you see failed calculations, contact your Replicon administrator or call Replicon Support.

Can other users besides payroll managers view the pay calculations and force updates?

Yes. Employees and supervisors can enable this column by clicking the  icon and selecting the column on the following pages:

  • Team > Timesheets
  • My Replicon > Timesheets (select the See all timesheets link)

Supervisors may also be able to force update of calculations on the Team > Timesheets page, if they have the applicable permission.

I don't see an update calculations button

If you don't see this button, see if your Replicon administrator will enable the applicable permission for you.

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