Copying a schedule

You can copy a schedule from one week to the next. This helps save time if your schedule stays relatively consistent week to week. Instead of starting from the beginning, you can copy the previous schedule and adjust it as necessary. You can copy all of the schedule's shift assignments, or copy assignments for particular users or shifts.

Any new shift assignments created by copying will be unpublished by default.

To copy a schedule:

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Click the More button and select Copy & Paste Assignments.

  1. Under Select Users, select All Users to copy assignments for all users, or select specific users to copy.

You can enter text to search and you can select multiple users.

  1. In the Copy From fields, select the date range to copy.
  2. In the Paste To field, select the starting date for where to copy the assignments.

The start of the Paste To period must be the same day of the week as the start of the Copy From period. For example, if you are copying a period that start on Sunday, the first Paste To field must be set to a Sunday. The end date is automatically set to match the length of period being copied.

  1. In the Shift drop-down, select Any Shift to copy assignments for all shifts, or select a shift name to copy assignments just for that shift.
  2. Click Apply and then click Close.

The shift assignments will be copied to the target date range. Once finalized, the new schedule can be published.

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