Copying a project

When adding a new project, you can copy details from an existing project in Replicon. Copying a project saves time if your new project will have similar settings to an existing project.

To copy a project:

  1. Go to Projects, and click the name of the project you want to copy.
  2. Click the  button located in the top, right-hand corner of the project page, and select Copy Project.

A Copy Project dialog displays.

  1. Select data you’d like to copy, enter a project name, and update the project dates, status, client, and program, if desired.

If you change the start date, a check box displays under the Dates field. Enable this check box to keep all task dates in sync with the project start date.

For example, you're copying a project that has a start date of Jan 1, with tasks that begin on Jan 1, Jan 8, and Jan 11, and you change the start date to Mar 15. If you enable the check box the tasks will change to start on Mar 15, Mar 22, and Mar 25.

If you don't check this box, tasks will retain dates from the original project.

  1. Click Copy Project.

A progress bar dialog displays. Once the project is copied, Copying complete displays above the progress bar.

What data gets copied?

Some field values are copied by default, and some data you can choose to copy. The Client and Program, fields will be copied by default, unless you enter new values for those in the Project Copy dialog. Refer to the sections below for details.

Any field not referenced in the tables below is not copied, and will be set to its default value assigned in new projects.

Data you can choose to copy


Includes “All Users”, any individuals, departments, and placeholders, as applicable


Task fields are copied by default when you choose to copy tasks – see the Data copied by default section below

Expense codes

You may be allowed to choose whether these are copied from the original project or from the defaults for the client who is assigned to the new project. The Expense Entry Billing Options setting will be copied, for each expense code.

Billing rates

You may be allowed to choose whether these are copied from the original project or from the defaults for the client who is assigned to the new project

If you don’t copy billing rates, team rate assignments will not be copied, either.

Data copied by default

Data copied for all projects

Task data copied only if you choose to copy tasks

Task data copied only if you choose to copy both the team and tasks

  • Skip Project Manager approval
  • Cost Type
  • Billing Type
  • Time & Expense Entry
  • Allow Time Entry against Task Only
  • Invoice Currency
  • Estimated Hours
  • Estimated Cost
  • Estimated Expenses
  • Project custom fields
  • Co-managers
  • Name
  • Code
  • Start on1
  • End on
  • Cost Type
  • Time & Expense Entry
  • Allow Time Entry
  • Estimated Cost
  • Estimated Hours
  • Description
  • Task custom fields
  • Task assignments


Are resource allocations or time and expenses entered against the project copied?

No, that data is never copied.

Why was some data that is listed above not copied?

You probably aren’t allowed to edit that type of data, and therefore you can’t copy it. You can only copy the types of data that you can define when you add a new project.

1)Task dates can be kept in sync with an updated start date. Refer to the procedure above for more information.

Why am I unable to copy a project?

Sometimes project managers are restricted from copying a project. 

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