Closing projects or tasks to prevent further time entry

If a project has been completed, cancelled, or has been deferred, you'll want to change its status; Marking a project as Completed, Deferred, Cancelled, or Archived prevents further entry of time against the project.

Archived status not only prevents time entry, but it also blocks the project from displaying in the All or My Projects lists on the Projects > Projects page, therefore you’d typically archive any projects you don’t need ready access to. You might, for example, decide to mark all finished projects as Completed, and then change their status to Archived a year or two later.

You can also mark tasks as complete, which will prevent further entry of time against that task, while allowing its project to remain active.

Refer to How do we change the project’s status? What do the statuses mean? for more information on project statuses.

Closing a project

You can mark projects as Completed, Deferred, Cancelled, or Archived – time and expenses can’t be entered against a project with any of these statuses.

To close a project:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and select the project you want to close.
  2. Click the current status in the project status summary bar located in the top, right-hand corner of the page, and select a new status for the project.

Closing a task

You can close tasks you no longer need to use. Marking a task as closed prevents further entry of time or expenses against it.

To mark a task as closed:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and choose the project whose tasks you want to close.
  2. Click the Tasks tab.
  3. Find the row for the task you want to close. In the Status column, click the check box so it shows a check mark, and the text Open updates to Closed.


Why can't we just delete projects and tasks?

You can only delete projects that have no time recorded against them. Refer to Deleting a project or task for more information.

Where can I find a closed task or archived project?

Refer to How do I find a deleted or archived project? A closed task? for information.

Can we reopen tasks marked as closed?

Yes, you can always reopen tasks that have been marked as closed.

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