Booking and viewing time off using CloudClock

Once you’ve logged in to the CloudClock, you can use it to book time off. You can also view your time off balances and the approval status of bookings you’ve created via the CloudClock.

Accessing time off features

To access time off via CloudClock:

  1. Log in to the Clock.
  2. Tap the  icon in the top, left-hand corner of the CloudClock punch screen.

A panel will display on the left side of the screen.

  1. Tap Time Off.

Booking time off

To book time off via CloudClock:

  1. Log in and access the time off features.
  2. Ensure the Calendar tab is selected.
  3. In the calendar, tap the day you want to book off. If you want to book off more than one day, tap the first day and then the last day of the booking.

  1. Tap Continue.

  1. Tap the Choose time of type field, and tap the type of time off you want to book.

  1. Tap the Full Day field to book a partial day off, if applicable. Enter Comments, if desired.

  1. Tap Submit.

Your booking will display in the calendar.

Viewing your time off balance

To view your current time off balances:

  1. Log in and access the time off features.
  2. Tap the Balances tab at the top of the screen.

Your current balance for each time off type displays. If a type isn’t listed, your administrator has set that type to not be tracked.

Viewing, editing, or deleting a booking

You can check whether a booking you submitted has been approved. You may also be also be able to edit or delete bookings that you’ve submitted.

To view a booking:

  1. Log in and access the time off features.
  2. Tap the Booking History tab.

All bookings you’ve submitted display, with their approval status indicated.

To edit or delete a booking:

  1. Tap the booking.

  1. Tap Delete to delete the booking. Tap Edit to edit it.

  1. Make your changes, and tap Resubmit.

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