Assigning and reviewing pay rates

Pay rates are used to calculate employee pay. Each pay rate is associated with an effective date, so the correct rate is used in calculations and in reports. This also allows you to set up new rates in advance.

You can review all pay rates in your system from the Pay Rates page.

You can also assign employees different pay rates, dependent on what activity they perform. Refer to Setting up activity-based pay rates for more information.

To assign a user a single pay rate:

  1. Go to Administration > Employees and Organization > Users.
  2. Select the name of the user you’d like to assign a rate to. Or, select multiple users and click Edit to mass edit pay rates.
  3. Click the Payroll menu item.
  4. Add the user’s first hourly pay rate in the Initial Rate field. No effective date displays as the effective date in this case is the user’s start date.

  1. If you need to add additional rates, click New Rate. Enter another rate in the rate field that displays. An effective date field also displays, showing today’s date – you can change the date, if needed.

Rates effective only in the past will be hidden from view if the Show Past Rates option is disabled.

Reviewing all pay rate assignments

You can use the Administration > Pay Codes and Policies > Pay Rates page to review all rates from a single location. This page includes filters, allowing you to review rates by department and group, if desired.

Access user profiles from the Pay Rates page

You can also use this page to easily access the Payroll tab of user profiles, where you can update their rates as outlined above. Simply click the name of the user on this page, and their Payroll page will display.

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