Allowing users to access dashboards

Replicon’s beta dashboard feature allows you to create and share custom graphical representations of your data with other decision-makers in your organization. Users can be allowed to create and post charts to shared dashboards accessible to all users with view dashboard permission.

Refer to Using the dashboard for more information on how this feature works.

To set up dashboard permissions:

  1. Go to Administration > Employees and Organization > Permission Sets.
  2. Click Add Permission Set.
  3. Give the new permission set a name (for example,  Dashboard user), and select User from the Type drop-down.

  1. In the tables that display, enable the Dashboard View and Edit permissions, then click the Add button.

If a user only has view permission, they can view charts and manipulate charts in edit mode, but they cannot save charts to the dashboard. Only assign edit permission to users you want publishing, editing, or deleting charts on the shared company dashboard.

  1. Assign this new permission set to users on the Roles & Permissions page of their user profiles.

Once a user is assigned the new permission, the dashboard menu item will display in the user’s top menu when they access Replicon.