Allowing managers to assign co-managers

You can allow project managers, client managers, and program managers to appoint co-managers to their projects, clients, and programs, respectively. Creating co-managers:

  • Provides another method of sharing data
  • Allows managers to assign someone to cover their duties when they are unavailable

If a user only needs to know who is co-managing an item, and doesn’t need to appoint co-managers themselves, you can assign them View permission only.

To allow a manager to view or appoint a co-manager:

  1. Go to Administration > Permission Sets.
  2. Within their Project Management type permission set, enable the Co-Managers permissions that correspond to the projects, clients, or programs you want the user to be allowed to view or assign co-managers to.

The View and Edit options for this permission determine whether the manager assigned the permission can view or edit the list of co-managers for an item, and do not determine what the co-manager, once appointed, can access.

  1. Ensure the permission set is assigned to the appropriate users.

Managers appoint co-managers on project, client, and program landing pages, as applicable.


What data can co-managers access?

The co-manager’s access is limited by the My Project, Clients for My Projects, or Programs for My Projects permissions, as applicable, that are assigned to them in their Project Management type permission set.

Because the co-manager’s access is limited by their own permissions, it is possible they will have greater access to data for an item than the assigning manager has.

For example:

  • Manager A cannot view billing data for all projects they manage
  • Manager B can view billing data for all projects they manage

If Manager A appoints Manager B as a co-manager for a project, Manager B will be able to see that project’s billing data, even though Manager A cannot.

Can co-managers approve items in the absence of the manager?

Co-managers do not have approval permissions by default, but they can be set up as a substitute user to give them approval rights.

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