Allocating a resource to a project

Resource management is only available with the RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, Professional Services Automation, and Project Portfolio Management products.

When managing projects, you can allocate resources to plan their time on each project. You can allocate a resource to a project they are already on, or allocate them while adding them to a project.

If you aren’t ready to allocate specific resources, allocate placeholders instead. For more detailed planning, allocate resources to specific tasks rather than at the project level.

Allocating to an assigned project

To allocate a resource to a project they are already assigned to:

  1. Go to Projects > Resources.
  2. Find the resource in the list on the left side of the grid.

Use the filters to narrow down the list. If skills have been link assigned to resources, the filters can help you find resources with a specific skill set.

  1. Click Show Projects underneath the resource’s name.

All of the resource’s assigned projects are shown, along with the existing allocations for those projects.

If the project you want is not shown, add the resource to the project before allocating.

  1. Scroll to the date range you want to allocate for.

You can change the dates when entering the allocation.

  1. Click in the grid where the desired project and date range intersect.

A Set Allocation dialog displays.

  1. In this dialog, choose the date range for the allocation.
  2. Choose how much time they’ll spend on the project. Click a tab to allocate using one of these options:
    • Hours/Day - the number of hours each day
    • Total Hours - the total hours for the selected period. The hours will be distributed evenly over each day of the period.
    • Percent - choose Scheduled Hours to allocate the percentage of resource’s assigned office schedule. Choose Available Hours, to subtract any booked time off in the range selected from the office schedule hours. If you based the allocation on scheduled hours alone, you risk over-allocating resources.
  1. Select whether time should be allocated on holidays. Note that adding allocations to holidays could result in over-allocation.
  2. If you are allocating in the Weekly view, choose which days of the week the allocation is for. Note that the user's schedule is always the final limiter. For example, if they're only scheduled to work on Mon, Tues, and Wed and you set an allocation for Mon, Wed, and Fri, time will only be allocated on Mon and Wed for the user.
  3. Click the Add Allocation button.

You may be prompted to assign and allocate tasks after adding the allocation. Once allocations have been added, you can update or remove them as needed.

Allocating to an unassigned project

If the resource is not already assigned to the project:

  1. Click Add to Project below the resource’s name.

  1. Select the project you want to assign.

  1. Click the Continue button.
  2. In the Set Allocation dialog that displays, enter the date range and time for the allocation.
  3. Click Add to assign and allocate the resource.

Alternatively, click Skip Allocation to assign the resource without allocating them.


What do I do if the resource’s allocation varies?

Create a new allocation for each change in allocated hours. For example, if you want the resource to work 4 hours per day for one week and 8 hours per day the following week, create an allocation for 4 hours and then create an allocation for 8 hours.

Can I allocate a resource to one project for multiple date ranges?

Yes, add an allocation for the first date range and then repeat the process for additional date ranges.

However, keep in mind you cannot add multiple allocations to the same project for the same dates. For example, you cannot allocate John to Project A for 3 hours on May 21st and then allocate him to Project A for 4 hours on May 21st and 22nd. When you create the second allocation, it will replace the first one rather than add to it.

What if a suitable resource is not available?

Allocate a placeholder instead. Once a resource becomes available, you can swap out the placeholder.

Can I assign resources at a project level?

Yes. You can alternatively assign a resource at a project level. For more information see Assigning a project team.

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