Replicon Global Time and Gross Pay Automation Capabilities

Flexible Time Formats to Meet All Needs
  • Create your own timesheet format to meet your business specific requirements.
  • Track in-out times, punches, breaks, or work durations against activities and add comments for better context.
  • Add custom fields within timesheets to meet your business needs.
  • Pre-populate timesheets and enable attestation feature as and when needed.

Support for All Employee Types
  • Easily support time capture for exempt, non-exempt, part-time, and contingent workforce on the device of your choice.
  • Analyze weekly aggregate hours for your global teams.
  • Manage time, productivity, and costs across your enterprise business.

Platform Approach to Time Management
  • Set up automatic validation of time entries and punches using pre-defined rules.
  • Create custom validation rules to meet business and gross pay requirements.
  • Automatic validation of timesheet entries minimize errors for common and specific business requirements.

Expansive Absence Management
  • Create any time off types appropriate for your business – vacation, sick leave, bereavement, and more.
  • Empower employees with self-service requests through web, mobile, or CloudClock.
  • Setup and manage accrual policies and resets based on your business needs.
  • Roll time off usage data into gross pay details and easily set up exports.

Integrated Schedule Management
  • Deploy the right mix of people to meet your shift scheduling requirements.
  • Make proactive adjustments in response to emergencies to avoid over or under-staffing or to manage your costs
  • Communicate the shift information to your employees in real-time.
  • Get complete control over your workforce productivity and overtime costs

Intelligent Approval Workflows
  • Model dynamic approval workflows to meet you business’ needs and ensure compliance to business policies
  • Use real-time data validations to handle exceptions and routing in real-time
  • Streamline the approval process with real-time alerts and notifications
  • Include supervisors, payroll, HR and other people in the approval chain

Built-In Global Labor Compliance
  • Leverage our preconfigured global pay rule library to consistently apply overtime, meal breaks and other labor laws
  • Fully automate pay calculations and always be confident that you are paying right
  • Create and adhere to business specific labor requirements with ease
  • Stay in-the-know on compliance best practices and updates through Replicon’s resource library.

Centralized Global Gross Pay
  • Generate payable time and pay data based on pay rules, policies, employees profiles, shift/schedule information
  • Real time automatic updates to payable time and pay data as the source data changes
  • Easy to manage pay data validations, exceptions and adjustments from within the system
  • Create templates and completely automate payroll exports to multiple vendors streamlining the entire process

Extensive Reporting And Dashboards
  • Easily configure reports to filter and view time and pay data the way you want it
  • Dig deep into real-time or historical data to better forecast labor costs
  • Get the “big picture” with dynamic, real-time summary charts and dashboards
  • Schedule reports to be emailed at regular intervals to key people

Global Administration with Local Control
  • Organize your critical time and payroll data for better security, access and visibility across your global organization
  • Restrict local payroll administrators from viewing/editing users outside of their groups
  • Enjoy complete flexibility to customize organizational hierarchy as per business requirements
  • Administer local business policies from a central location

Universal Languages
  • Choose languages based on where your employees are
  • Eliminate translation needs and provide a better user experience
  • Support for English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Portuguese, Danish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish & more

Granular Data Visibility And Control
  • Get visibility and control over payroll leakage, labor costs, and other payroll overhead costs important to your business
  • Assign permissions to control what employees can access & view
  • Get complete leverage over organization time and pay data and manage it with confidence

Streamlined Configurability for Enhanced Flexibility
  • Define and associate work breakdown structures such as project hierarchies or flat lists such as activities and custom extension fields to time data to model unique business needs through configurations.
  • Achieve customization through configuration by leveraging metadata association and extensions

Modern Web And Mobile Interfaces
  • Intuitive interface drives fast adoption across the organization
  • Non-intrusive time data capture in real-time to reduce reliance on people’s participation
  • Role-based views help streamline processes around time intelligence
  • In-context analytics gives users capabilities to analyze time metrics without the need to run actual reports

Real-Time Notifications And Alerts
  • Use from our library of alerts and notifications to reduce manual checking and follow-ups
  • Better inform employees about actions needed
  • Create custom notifications to get your teams to act in a timely manner
  • Manage your time, pay and billing specific processes in real-time

Seamless Integrations
  • Fast and easy to integrate Replicon with any HR, payroll, ERP or other systems that your business uses
  • Share critical employee time and pay data with your ecosystem to enable downstream processes
  • Turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations makes it easy to implement, deploy and upgrade

Intelligent Time Clock
  • Convert any iOS tablet device into a self-service kiosk for employee time capture
  • Enable end-users with advanced capabilities for clocking in/out, checking-in to shifts, designating time towards projects or activities, and managing breaks
  • Eliminate time theft and buddy-punching with smart features like facial recognition or real-time image capture, combined with a photo-audit trail
  • Experience the world-class service our support team provides with around the clock device monitoring and maintenance

Get time intelligent today.

See how Replicon can solve your global gross pay challenges with an accelerated ROI.


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