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Comprehensive Resource, Time & Project Management Solution

Do more than just project time tracking! Polaris enables end-to-end resource and project management along with time tracking.

View of Time and resource management solution from multiple devices
Intelligent Resource Allocation and Management using Polaris

Resource Management

Intelligent Resource Allocation and Management

Built-in recommendation engine identifies the best resource for the job every time. Quickly locate resources based on availability, location, skill set, department, or other criteria.

Allocate resources to projects by percentage of total availability or by hours per day.

Track skills, certificates and expertise levels for each resource as needed by your organization.

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Project Management

Real-time Project Management

Solve project problems before they are. Get live view of project progress, resources, work done and work remaining.

Save critical man hours by staying on top of your projects. Automatic updates on timelines, resources, and business. Course-correct with instantaneous alerts on project and resource risks.

Use historical information to bid and select your customer projects intelligently.

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Real-time Project Management using multiple devices
Accurate and Intuitive Time Tracking using multiple devices

Time Tracking

Accurate and Intuitive Time Tracking

Make timesheets submission and approval processes unobtrusive and error-free. Leverage built-in mobile capabilities to enable employee and manager self-service.

Track billable and non-billable hours by project, and easily assign it to single or multiple clients, even when mobile.

Project resources can request vacation, sick, and other time off and add specific comments.

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Real-time Insights to Run Your Organization

Get instant visibility into all the metrics you need to manage your organization. Make proactive decisions around resources, projects, financials, planning and more to keep everything on track. Use a real-time view of budgets to actuals to make sure you are hitting your targets. Manage your business with a single source of truth.

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View of Real-time Analytics using Polaris
Polaris integration with multiple platforms


Connect Polaris with other Software You Use

Enable seamless sharing of all critical information around projects, resources, time, costs and billing with any software that you may be using. Polaris has open web services API and pre-built connectors to CRM, ERP, Project Management, Collaboration, Accounting, Incident Management, and other software.

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Mobile Interface

Manage Your Business On-the-go

Track and take action on your projects, resources, time, billing and cost while on the move. Polaris is available on both iOS and Android devices and is easy to use. An advanced UI ensures rapid adoption of the solution with minimal training.

The mobile app works in sync with your Polaris instance, so all your project time data is instantly visible to your managers for further processing.

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Polaris App for managing your business

Witness how our powerful resource management, time and projects work together.

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