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Enservio, the Contents Company, is the nation’s leading provider of contents inventory creation, valuation and replacement services and software. The Boston Business Journal ranked it the third fastest growing private company in the region and named it the 2012 “Powerhouse Elite Pacesetter.” With exhilarating organic growth and the acquisition of two companies since its 2004 inception, Enservio’s focus on process and system optimization has been well tested.   Enservio works in a greenfield arena of the insurance market. Its expertise concerns everything contents: identifying the contents of a home or business that have been lost, valuing those contents, and replacing those contents. Enservio offers services, software, and analytics, the industry’s most comprehensive source of home contents data.

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  1. Enservio needed solutions that could scale rapidly
  2. The company’s homegrown time and expense systems were designed for simpler times
  3. They needed a system that could be integrated with their financial and other mission-critical systems


  1. Improved process execution with seamless integrations
  2. Increased user efficiencies
  3. Eliminated redundant systems

“Polaris web services provided a fast and painless way to integrate with our mission critical systems and improve our process execution.”

Alex Harwitz
SVP Product Management

Before Polaris:

Enservio needed solutions that could do more than just keep up with rapid growth. The company’s homegrown time and expense systems were designed for simpler times. They were not ready to support a near doubling of the business in a single year. They could not easily facilitate the company’s many new services. Nor could they integrate comfortably with new financial and other mission critical systems. Time was ticking.

“It wasn’t just about capturing time and expenses. We needed a partner who would help us promote even more discipline and consistency around service delivery as we scaled the business.”

After Polaris:

To address these challenges, Enservio chose to implement Polaris’ TimeBill and WebExpense solutions. Polaris was a perfect choice due to its open and flexible integration options—a critical part of the equation for Enservio. Enservio had strongly considered close Polaris competitors, but its engineering team found those organizations less responsive. With Polaris’ Polaris web services, Enservio felt it had the openness and flexibility needed to integrate with any of its internal systems.

Enservio business users were impressed with Polaris’ usability, a driving factor in choosing integration rather than enhancement of the homegrown system. Polaris helped streamline operations and speed user adoption. The implementation involved two enterprise systems, one wholly new invoicing system, and five different operations groups. Despite the complexity it went smoothly. Throughout the effort, Enservio was very pleased with Polaris support. “The customer care we have gotten from Polaris has been amazing. When we call they are very responsive and take the time to address every question,” said David Pecorella, the Senior Product Manager overseeing the rollout.

Enservio used Polaris web services to create advanced integrations to standardize and improve process execution. Enservio users can now perform work in their processing systems and automatically create Polaris projects, while the financial system creates expense and activity items directly in Polaris. The result is a consistent end-to-end process and a better user experience. “Polaris web services provided a fast and painless way to integrate with our mission critical systems and improve our process execution,” noted Harwitz.

Users were pleased to find the efficiency of their day-to-day time tracking and entry tasks were improved due to Polaris’ ease-of-use and strong feature depth. For a company with literally thousands of active projects, the ease with which a user can find and select projects was a big win. Enservio also discovered welcome flexibility in workflow approvals and in-depth reporting capabilities.

The company has been able to eliminate two systems by signing on with Polaris, and expects to eliminate a third. Retiring redundant systems has not only saved Enservio money, but also facilitated the standard processes that let the business scale.

Enservio, with Polaris’ help, has been able to improve process execution and revenue capture. Harwitz feels confident that they have built a strong foundation on which they can grow further.

“Polaris has played a key role in standardizing our operations so that we can effectively scale and execute.”

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