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We recognize that project, resource, cost, and billing data is critical to your business, and our solutions must always be fully accessible and secure from anywhere. The best way to give you that access is via a cloud environment.

Our multi-location, fully-redundant cloud environment is staffed by a global operations team. With 24/7/365 monitoring, world-class security, seamless weekly upgrades, and no-hassle maintenance, it’s the most reliable, secure, and convenient service in the industry.

Benefits of Our Cloud Solution


Robust Infrastructure

The Polaris cloud is hosted in AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) data centers in 5 regions around the world. Our global network of data centers are provisioned to be fully redundant with multiple availability zones for real-time failover, scalable and secure, and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year by our Global Operations team.

The entire infrastructure is architected to provide maximum fault isolation and prevent snowballing effects. Multi-tiered web architecture provides maximum security and prevents network intrusions. Users can access the Polaris platform from our mobile application as well as our new CloudClock solution — all of which are open to connecting with any systems you might already have in place.



Our cloud solution, hosted on a global network of AWS EC2 data centers, provides the highest level of performance through streamlined design and close proximity to your geographic location, eliminating all network latencies.

Polaris’s solution has been designed using microservices architecture to handle large transaction volumes at scale, without compromising end-user experience. Polaris further enhances end-user experience by using Akamai’s content distribution network for edge caching.

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Our fully-redundant cloud architecture, with built-in intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, is multi-tiered with DMZs to provide maximum isolation for customer data. All access to Polaris is fully encrypted using TLS 1.2 over authenticated channels using SSO or Open ID based technologies. Customer data is fully encrypted at rest to prevent data leaks in case of a breach.

Polaris conducts bi-annual Penetration Tests to ensure network integrity by a third party. In addition to robust infrastructure security, Polaris’s solution has role-based data visibility and permissibility models to provide maximum data security administration and governance.

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Polaris cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified and SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and SOC 2) certified with 3rd party bi-annual audits to ensure continued compliance. Polaris respects the data residency and compliance needs of different countries and regions, so built-in options are included to store customer data in any specific region of choice. Polaris is compliant with the European GDPR and is currently completing final audits for USA FedRamp certification.

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Full Redundancy

Polaris’s global network of data centers are equipped to be fully redundant with multiple availability zones for real-time failover – i.e., every component of core infrastructure is replicated to be fully redundant and 100% reliable. In addition to infrastructure redundancy, Polaris replicates customer databases and configurations in an alternate zone for quick service restore in case of natural disaster.



Our unique cloud infrastructure is designed to scale-up and scale-out seamlessly, ensuring that we can support both your growth and ours. With built-in Auto-Scale technology, Polaris senses customer usage demands in real-time and scales up the infrastructure across all tiers to consistently meet customer performance needs.

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