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Businesses of all sizes leverage our configurable, scalable platform for time & attendance , schedules, time off, & gross pay compliance across their multi-location business with diverse employee types. Replicon platform helps manage labour costs, streamline time to gross pay processes, & ensure labour compliance.

Our platform comes built-in with these expansive capabilities to meet your diverse workforce management needs

Time Off
Gross Pay Engine

Agile & Configurable

Easy to make the platform meet all your business needs


Track time with prebuilt or customised templates against jobs, tasks, and activities

Time Off

Manage time off policies & compliance with visibility into time off calendars


Create and manage employee schedules to meet your shift requirements


Enable employees’ to clock in/out with our AI-powered time clock app


Enable every employee with instant platform access and get real-time visibility


Use our approvals library for standard workflows or build dynamic workflows


Configure data validation rules to be compliant with business process requirements


Deploy globally across your business to leverage as a single source of truth

Gross Pay Engine

Use our pay rule library to convert employee hours into gross pay information


Use our prebuilt library or configure rules for your global labour compliance needs


Real-time insights into projects, people, and other metrics that tie into time


Share time & attendance, time off, and gross pay data with your ecosystem

Payroll Workbench

Get a unified view for exceptions, validations and adjustments to manage payroll exports


Get visibility into your crews’ time and availability to better manage your their work


Include additional docs or info in projects, expenses, time off and timesheets


Email, mobile and in-product notifications to drive actions and process requirements

Pay Rates

Configure employee pay rates with activities and dates to help calculate accurate pay

Roles and Permissions

Map permission sets to roles within your organization


Define work and holiday calendar for your organization, locations and resources


Model organisational hierarchy and enable access for better control and visibility


Structure employees, departments or locations for modelling and data access


Set up language based on location, department, or employee preferences


Set up currencies and conversions based on location, department, client and more

Agile & Configurable

Easy to make the platform meet all your business needs.

Time Billing Software

Built-in flexibility

Enable appropriate tweaks to adjust to the right business needs with built-in configurability.

End-to-end workflows

Customisable to meet your unique requirements leveraging comprehensive end-to end workflows.

Reduce change management

Accelerate business growth with reduced change management and customisation outside of the platform.

Accelerated ROI

Achieve ROI in months, not years with quicker implementation at a lower cost.


Capture and track time the way you want with prebuilt or customised templates against jobs and activities.

Track time as per your needs

Capture durations, in/out times, or clock in/out or utilise our platform to capture activity, job information and apply custom attributes as per business needs.

Any device, anytime

Enable every employee in the organisation to capture their time on any device, from anywhere, anytime and keep the business informed about their work.

Real-time job data

Enable real-time job progress tracking for employees against set targets for improved productivity.

Accurate gross pay, costs and billing

Ensure accurate, enriched time data is available to your accounting, payroll, or backend systems for billing, costing, consolidation or any other purposes.
Timesheet Software

Time Off

Manage employee availability with total visibility into their time off calendar and manage compliance.

Time Off Software Platform

Global time off needs

Manage your global employee time off, vacation types, holidays and more.

Unlimited policies

Model unlimited global time off policies for vacation accruals, resets, effective dates and more as per your business needs.

Calendar view

Supervisors can utilise our calendar view to understand employee availability while approving and scheduling.

Shared calendar

Shared calendar views help crews/teams to plan their vacations and holidays better.

Manage time off liabilities

Finance leaders can stay on top of their teams’ time off liabilities and use this information for financial reporting.


Create and manage employee schedules to meet your shift requirements.

Manage shifts

Leverage advanced capabilities to create and manage your shifts.

Optimize staffing

Quickly make scheduling decisions while avoiding over or under-staffing.

Publish schedules

Publish or unpublish schedules with a single-click to let employees know their shifts in advance.

View on any device

Enable employees to view their upcoming shifts and published schedules in an instant on the web, CloudClock or a mobile device.

Shift adherence

Easily track shift adherence for employees and manage compliance.
Timesheet Software


Leverage our AI-powered time clock app to enable employees’ to clock in/out.

Employee Time Clock

Self-service capabilities

Enable employees with a self-service kiosk by transforming any iOS tablet into an intelligent time clock.

Minimal costs

Deploy as many clocks as needed with minimal costs compared to traditional clocks.

Facial recognition

Make clocking in/out unobtrusive using our advanced time clock functionalities like facial recognition. No need to remember User IDs or use clunky badges.

Shifts, jobs, meal breaks & more

Enable employees with capabilities to check shift information, transfer time to projects and manage meal/rest breaks.

Reduce time theft

Completely eliminate employee time theft with photo capture on clock-in and a corresponding photo audit trail.

24/7 monitoring

Benefit from round-the-clock monitoring of clocks for detecting and fixing problems by the Replicon team.


Create and manage employee schedules to meet your shift requirements.

Real-time attendance

Enable access to the Replicon platform for all your employees anytime, anywhere and on any device for real-time attendance tracking.

Proactive decisions

Instant inputs provide business leaders with actionable insights to make proactive decisions.

Push notifications

Push notifications and alerts enable everyone across the entire business to collaborate and stay on top of their work.

Face ID, chatbots and more

Leverage our advanced capabilities like Face ID, Touch ID, and intuitive chatbots to make time tracking even more unobtrusive.

GPS tracking and geofencing

Utilize GPS tracking and geofencing to track location details associated with time entries and make informed decisions.
Timesheet Software


Use our approvals library for standard workflows or build dynamic workflows that work for your business.


Multi-level approvals

Leverage our supervisor or multi-level approval workflows to tightly manage employee timesheets.

Dynamic workflows

Define dynamic approval workflows that support your business based on real-time data – Include supervisors, finance, payroll and other people in the approval chain.

Instant alerts

Utilize instant alerts and validations to ensure timely reviews and streamline the end-to-end gross pay process.

Enable collaboration

Improve collaboration within the teams with complete visibility into the process and the approvers.

Improved control

Improve business control to rein in labour costs, reduce overtime, & manage absences with timely and accurate information.


Configure data validation rules to enforce and be compliant with business process requirements.

Prebuilt rules

Leverage our prebuilt validation rules to ensure timesheet accuracy at the source.

Reduce errors

Eliminate data cleansing and manual data checks with custom built rules to capture and catalog required business attributes.

Improve policy adherence

Ensure time data complies to your business policies and ensure a smooth flow to your payroll, HRMS, accounting, ERP and other backend systems.

Enable proactive action

Keep your employees and managers informed about actions needed.

Consistent processes

Standardised data collection with streamlined processes enables better collaboration.
Mobile Timesheet App


Deploy globally across your business to leverage as a single source of truth.

Project Management

Global locations

Easily manage global time & attendance , time off, gross pay, wage-and-hour compliance, client billing, revenue recognition, and more.

All employees

Handle the complexity of multiple locations with multiple employee types and multiple local systems with ease.

Single system of record

Leverage as system of record for time and easily connect to other backend system.

No incremental costs

Add locations with zero fixed costs and minimal incremental operating costs and effort.

Global governance

Support for global governance and local administration simplifies business operations.

Gross Pay Engine

Use our pay rule library to convert employee hours into gross pay information.

Time to gross pay

Generate payable time and pay data based on pay rules, pay policies, shift details, and employee profiles.

Real-time gross pay

Manage updates to gross pay in real-time as the source time data or policies change.

Validated and accurate

Easily validate pay data, perform adjustments and take care of exceptions to reduce rework.

Payroll exports

Leverage configurable templates to automate payroll exports to multiple vendors streamlining the process.
Payroll Software


Stay on top of your global labour compliance needs using our prebuilt library or configure rules as per your needs.

Labor Law Compliance Software

Global pay rules

Preconfigured global pay rule compliance enables consistent application of statutory labour regulations with ease.

Compliance dashboard

Compliance dashboard enables real-time visibility into status of local and global pay rules used by your business.

Labor law updates

Compliance updates from our experts help your team stay on top of upcoming labour law changes.

Ensure compliance

Completely automate pay calculations leveraging the pay rules and ensure compliance.


Real-time insights into labour costs, compliance, and other metrics that tie into time.

Flexible reporting engine

Comprehensive reporting engine serves your gross pay data as per your business needs in real-time.

Prebuilt reports

Leverage reports to get the data you need from categories like timesheets, jobs, clients, time off, expenses, costs, payroll and more.

Business metrics

Gain real-time visibility and control over critical metrics like labour costs, overtime, compliance, payroll etc.


Use powerful, dynamic charts and dashboards to get the big picture.

Customize as needed

Customize the reports to match your organisation’s needs.

Schedule reports

Schedule runs and share reports with business leaders.
Project Tracker


Share all time & attendance data with your ecosystem using connectors or web services.

Project Integration Management

Integrate with any system

Quickly and easily integrate Replicon with any Payroll, ERP, HRMS system that your business uses.

Enable gross pay and costing

Share critical employee time data with your ecosystem to enable gross pay and costing.

Turnkey integrations

Easily implement, deploy, and upgrade with turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations.

Prebuilt connectors

Utilize our prebuilt connectors or leverage our web services API to build custom integrations based on your business needs.

No more double entry

Reduce double entry and streamline your consolidation, payroll, costing and billing processes.

Payroll Workbench

Enable payroll teams with a unified view to manage exceptions, validations and adjustments of all gross pay information for payroll exports.

Manage gross pay

Benefit from a centralised platform to manage all time & attendance data.

Full status visibility

Gain complete visibility into timesheet status and take proactive action.

Improve transparency

Improve accuracy and transparency into organisation critical payroll data.

Manage exceptions

Manage exceptions, validations and adjustments to your gross pay information from a single screen.

Configure payroll format

Use the predefined payroll formats or configure your own to meet your business needs.

Multi-system exports

Easily export even to multiple payroll systems with a flexible platform.
Payroll Software


Get visibility into your crews’ time and availability to better manage your projects and jobs.

Crew Scheduling Software

Crew time entry

Foremen or individual crew members can quickly and easily punch in/out each day.

Mass edit/entry

Equip supervisors with mass time entry and edit options to make changes without any administrative overhead.

Job assignments and costs

Simplify job assignments and manage allocations to cost codes for accurate costing and pay.

Offline capabilities

Offline capabilities enable the crew and foreman to stay on top process their time entries reducing delays.

Real-time crew management

Easy to control job costs and crew productivity with real-time insights into work, time, pay, and cost related metrics.


Include additional documentation or supporting information in timesheets, time off and expenses to provide details or justify work done.

Supporting documents

Enhance your business process governance with supporting documentation and improve audit compliance processes.

Mandatory attachments

Enable validation rules to make attachments mandatory to meet business policies.

Link to time, time off or expenses

Store and attach documents or links (like Google docs, Dropbox, MS Sharepoint) as part of the timesheet, expenses and time off entries to give additional information.

Prevent information loss

Prevent loss of critical information by ensuring all relevant documentation is attached.
Project Document Management Software


Email, mobile and in-product notifications to inform and drive timely actions while enforcing business process requirements.

Timesheet Software

Real-time notifications

Notify your users in real-time of events and actions to be taken to fulfill business process requirements.

Job assignment information

Notify your users on new work assignments or when assignments change.

Initiate corrective actions

Create real-time alerts to notify users when business metrics reach a certain threshold to initiate corrective actions.

Notification library

Leverage our alerts and notifications library to keep your team aware of the processes and next steps to enable effective collaboration.

Pay Rates

Configure employee pay rates and associate them with activities and effective dates to help calculate accurate pay.

Assign pay rates

Enable accurate employee pay calculations by assigning pay rates.

Flexible rates assignment

Flexibility to assign different rates based on type of work, location, time of day & more attributes.

Complex rates

Model complex scenarios as needed by your business.

Effective dates

Leverage effective dates and associate them with pay rates to manage changes and for audit trail.

Accurate gross pay

Ensure accurate costing and gross pay calculations.
Billing Software

Roles and Permissions

Customize your end-user experience with unique permission sets mappings to roles within your organization.

Project Roles

Enable right access

Enable your teams with the right access levels to the Replicon platform using roles and granular permission sets.

Map roles

Map your stakeholders to specific roles utilising our preconfigured personas or create your own to define their responsibilities.

Control data visibility

Control data access and visibility with custom permission sets mapped to specific roles as per your business needs.

Global governance

Manage global administration with local control by mapping groups and subgroups to specific roles.


Configure employee pay rates and associate them with activities and effective dates to help calculate accurate pay.

Team calendar

Manage your global team calendars in real-time.

Employee availability

Managers can utilise calendar views to understand employee availability while scheduling.

Shared view for planning

Shared calendar views help teams collaborate and plan their vacations and holidays better.

iCal, Outlook and Google sync

Easily sync up Replicon calendar view with Outlook, Google or Apple’s iCal for convenience and increased adoption.
Time Off Software

Available in these products:


Model your organisational structure and enable access for better control and visibility.

Project Management

Map organisation hierarchy

Complete flexibility to customise organisational hierarchy as per business requirements.

Organize teams

Organize your teams for better security, access, and visibility into your company’s critical information.

Give right access

Restrict administrators & payroll from viewing or editing users outside of their assigned organisation structure.

Payroll-specific access

Payroll managers can assign and manage resources who are part of their organisation hierarchy.

Local administration

Administer local business policies from a central location for centralised visibility and control.


Structure your employees, departments or locations for organisation modeling, data access and visibility.

Custom groups

Organizing employees, projects, and your business using customisable groups – locations, departments, divisions, service centers, and cost centers.

Flat or hierarchical structure

Model groups to be flat or as a hierarchy as per your organisation structure and business needs.

Visibility based on groups

Manage data access and visibility for users based on locations, departments or service centers.

Effective dates

Track employee transitions between groups with effective dates to manage audits and meet compliance needs.
Project Management Platform


Set up language for your organisation based on location, department, or employee preferences.

Project Management Software Platform

Language selection

Select languages based on where your employees are.

Zero translation needs

Eliminate the need for translation and provide an intuitive user experience.

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration and streamline your time tracking process for payroll.

20+ languages supported

Support for English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Portuguese, Danish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, and more.


Set up multiple currencies and conversions for your organisation based on location, department, client or other parameters.

Multi-currency support

Effectively manage your distributed employee base by setting up their payroll in their local currency.

Accurate costs

Utilize location-specific currencies for employees to map their costs accurately.

Simple conversions

Simplify conversions between various regions working on projects to a desired currency to manage costs and payroll.
Project Cost Management Platform


Model your jobs to be managed and associated tasks hierarchies to be tracked the way your organisation policies require.

Project Expense Management

Complex WBS

Set up projects with complex work breakdown structures based on your needs.

Project budgets

Manage projects within budget, estimates and cost constraints.

Allocation & utilization

Maximize your project resources allocations and utilisation with target billable hours.

Cost and billing rates

Track your project time, apply multi-level rates to maximize client billings, margins and profitability.

Project progress

Take control of your project delivery with a real-time view of project progress, resources, work done and work remaining to be done.


Model your vendors and clients and associate them with project and programs. Give your business complete visibility into all client metrics to collaborate and work smarter.

Internal or external customers

Manage customers, vendors, fund sources, service partners or internal departments using the client entity.

Consolidated client view

Leverage actionable insights with a consolidated view of all client-specific projects and engagements.

Profitability metrics

Access real-time metrics like costs, billing, profitability, and more to better assess your client relationships.

Client delivery

Bring transparency into project delivery by providing visibility to clients into what work is being done through configurable reports and views.

Streamline client processes

Streamline costing, billing and consolidation processes w.r.t clients.
client Management Software

Available in these products:


Use our multidimensional rate structure to track your costs and manage your client billing.

Billing Software

Multidimensional rates

Utilize project-specific, user-level, role-based rates or create custom ones to generate billing and costing information.

Increase billing

Maximize your resource time into billable amount based on the roles they perform in the project.

Model requirements

Leverage our versatile rate modelling to accommodate various client/project requirements.

Effective dates

Leverage effectivity dates to manage rate structures and align them with ongoing cost and margin requirements.

Rate cards

Build rate cards with effectivity dates for each role to model long-running client engagements.

Available in these products:


Bill your clients for all project time and expenses using our built-in module.

Configurable invoices

Customized invoicing as per your clients’ billing needs using our configurable invoicing engine with multiple templates.

Manage payments

Easily manage payment terms, aging, and tracking of overdue invoices as per your business needs.

Multi-currency support

Invoice your globally distributed client base with multi-currency support and factor-in discounts and add adhoc invoice line items.

Integrate with accounting/ERP

Integrate invoices with your accounting, ERP or back-office systems to seamlessly share billing data.

Streamline invoicing

Achieve complete control over client invoicing and manage invoice adjustments, exceptions, and delinquencies with ease.
Payroll Software

Available in these products: