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Mobile project, resource and cost management for your services business.

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professional services automation app

Instant Project and Task Management

Mobile user beats

Instant inputs from project users as beats about work on assigned tasks from anywhere, any time.

Instant approvals

Project managers can approve/edit user beats and give feedback to users instantly.

Active task management

Project managers can review work done reports on the project tasks.

Real-time estimates to actuals tracking

User and task beats enable a sense for actuals and other project metrics in real-time.

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psa for mobile time tracking

Mobile Time Tracking

Mobile project timesheets

Empower your workforce with the ability to manage project time tracking accurately, even when they are mobile.

Attachments and comments

Project resources can leverage attachments and comments to add granular details about their timesheet entries.

Instant visibility

Our mobile app works in sync with your Polaris instance, so all your project time data is instantly visible to your managers for further processing.

Real-time Portfolio Management

Real-time portfolio tracking

Centrally view and manage all projects associated with a practice in real-time and gain instant visibility.

Consolidated portfolio view

Leverage instant actionable insights with a consolidated view of all portfolio-specific projects and engagements.

Proactive decisions

Make proactive business decisions and manage your services in-the-now.

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Intuitive Interfaces

iOS & Android

Polaris PPM is available on both iOS and Android devices and is simple to use.

Advanced UI

Ensure rapid adoption of our solution with an advanced UI that requires minimal training.

Alerts & notifications

Businesses can utilize real-time notifications and alerts to ensure employees stay on top of their work.

professional services automation app interface

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