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Week of June 23, 2014

New base currency fields in reports

A base currency (BC) equivalent for Rate/Amount fields is now available in the Custom columns and you can use the fields in your custom formulae.

  • A new field Hourly Billing Rate Amount (BC) has been added to the Pre-defined and Custom columns.
  • The field Actual Billing (All Dates) has been renamed to Actual Billing (All Dates) (BC) since it acts like a BC field and also converts to the base currency. The field name now matches its behaviour.
  • A new field Actual Billing (Selected Dates) (BC) has been added to the Pre-defined and Custom columns.

Fixed issues

  • You will not be able to log into the application if your login name contains a unicode character.
  • Sometimes it takes a very long time for reports to display.
  • When you try to search for a project in your timesheet using the predictive search method, you are not able to do so.
  • The Timesheet Period Total section in the In-Out timesheet does not display the total time.
  • When you try to add a holiday in the Add New Holiday window, the Date field does not populate the date calendar.

Week of June 16, 2014

Auto-submitting timesheets

  • On a given date and time, timesheets can now be automatically submitted based on a user's time zone. This depends on the Auto-submit timesheet on due date option in the timesheet template being selected.

Fixed issue

  • Sometimes when you click the Payroll link in the top menu, you get an error.

Week of June 9, 2014

Fixed issues

  • Sometimes when you try to run reports, it takes a long time and you also cannot export it to an Excel file.
  • If you do not own a report and try to run it without making any changes to it, you get a warning message indicating that the report has unsaved changes.
  • When you run a report or schedule a report and try to generate the PDF, it is not generated properly.
  • If a user’s last name is long, the QR card does not display the full name properly.
  • Sometimes when you (supervisor) view a user’s timesheet in the Team > Timesheets page, all the columns in the timesheet are not visible.
  • If you did not enter the Out time for the previous week and if you enter both, In and Out times for the current week and try to submit the timesheet, you get an error.

Week of Jun 2, 2014

Logout URL

You (administrator) can now specify a URL to go to after a user logs out from the application. For extra security with SAML users, you can set this URL to a page that ends the SAML session.


New fields in Time Punch Details report

The following fields have been added to the Time Punch Details report:

  • Punch Type – Includes In times, Out times, Activity Transfers and Breaks
  • Activity fields – Activity Name, Activity Code, Activity Description
  • Break Type fields – Break Name, Break Code, Break Description
  • Punch Location – The physical address of the GPS co-ordinates where you punch from

Fixed issues

  • If you are an end user with basic permissions, you can delete your approved expenses.

Week of May 26, 2014

New report fields

Two new fields Week Start Date and Week End Date have been added to report templates and users can now view reports based on a date range.


  • When you copy a project you can now copy users’ billing rates and billing rates and tasks assigned to placeholders.

Fixed issues

  • While adding punches in the Team > Time Punches page, even if a user is not your supervisee the user name displays in the User Name drop-down.
  • Even if a budget has been allocated for a program, it does not reflect in the Programs and Projects list pages.
  • The Team > Time Punches page does not display details of users who do not have any punches for a day.

Week of May 19, 2014

Changes to the time off booking edit and delete permissions

The settings that allow a user to edit and delete past and future time off bookings are now defined per time off type.


These settings were previously specified within users’ assigned time off templates.


How this change helps

This change allows for greater flexibility in how you set up edit and delete permissions – it allows you to assign different settings for different types of time off. For example, you could allow users to edit or delete their bookings for sick time, but prevent them from editing holiday bookings.

How existing settings are migrated

Settings for existing customers have been updated to match this new structure. For most customers, functionality is unchanged – settings in time off types have been set to match the settings that were assigned to users in their templates. For example, if all users who are assigned the Sick time off type were allowed to edit past bookings, editing of past bookings is allowed for the Sick time off type.

In the rare cases where customers use multiple time off templates, and those templates use different edit and delete permissions, settings have been migrated based on ‘majority rules’. For example, a system has 400 users assigned the Vacation time off type. If 199 of those users were allowed to delete their past bookings and 201 were not allowed to delete them, deletion of past bookings will not be allowed for the Vacation time off type.

Any unused time off types are set to allow edit and delete of future bookings only, though you can modify these settings.

If you use multiple time off templates, you may need to modify your settings to meet your desired functionality. Contact your Customer Success representative or Replicon Support if you have questions about your settings, or need help modifying edit and delete privileges for time off types.

Fixed issues

  • When a report is scheduled, the delivered report does not contain appropriate data.
  • When you enter expenses in the My Replicon > Expenses page and navigate away from the page, your changes are not saved.
  • If a user has taken partial time off and the Resource Manager tries to allocate the user to a project or task for the rest of the day, he/she cannot do so.

Week of May 12, 2014

Transfer punches to timesheet

You can now transfer users’ punches from the Team > Team Time page to their In-Out timesheets by clicking the Post to Timesheet button.

Project Copy

Fixed issues

  • Even if a billing rate is assigned to a project or a client, you are able to delete it from the system.
  • When you try to run Expense reports that are rejected, the Approver Name column does not display anything.
  • If you try to resubmit a rejected timesheet after entering comments, you cannot do so.
  • When you copy from a previous/last saved timesheet, incorrect data gets copied.

Week of May 5, 2014

Project copying

When you need to create a new project in Replicon, you can now copy data from an existing project to use as a starting point. Projects are copied by selecting the Copy Project option from within the project you want to copy.

Project Copy

Copying a project can save time if you want a new project to have similar settings to an existing one. When you copy a project, most data is copied to the new project by default, but you can choose whether you want tasks, team, expense codes, and billing rates to be copied.

For more information, refer to Copying Projects in the online help.


In reports based on the Project Team Time, Cost, Expense and Billing template, the behavior of the following fields has changed:

  • Estimated Hours (Selected Dates)
  • Estimated Billing (Selected Dates)
  • Estimated Cost (Selected Dates)

Now, if Year, Quarter, Month, Week, or Day (Entry Date) time span fields are included in the report, estimates will be broken down by those time spans, rather than showing only a total estimate for the entire date range entered, as occurred before this change.

Fixed issues

  • While entering expenses in an expense sheet, the Client field displays None even if the selected project has a client associated with it.
  • When you (administrator) try to edit an expense sheet and save it, you get an error.
  • Even if a parent task is closed, you can enter time against its subtasks.
  • The Client Representative option displays in the timesheet approval path even if the RepliconPSM and TimeBill products are not enabled.
  • A JavaScript error occurs when you attempt to delete a currency from the Administration > Company > Currencies page.


For changes prior to May 5, 2014 see: