Week of September 1, 2014

Employee edit of punches

Employees can now add, delete, and edit punches, and can post punches to their timesheet, from the My Replicon > Punch In or Out page of the web application.

Indication that punches were manually edited

On the Team > Time Punches and the My Replicon > Punch In or Out pages, punches that were added or edited manually (that is, ones that weren’t modified through real-time punching) now show a blue triangle in the top, right-hand corner of the punch cell.

This can help you quickly identify punches that were modified retroactively.

Fixed issues

  • User names and data rows do not always align correctly in resource allocation charts.
  • If there are unsaved changes in your timesheet when you create or edit a time off booking from your timesheet, the unsaved changes are lost when you submit the booking.
  • A .CSV is not in specified format error occurs when you attempt to upload an office schedule based on the available template on the Team > Schedules page.
  • On the Team > Time Punches page, if you create an In punch one day, and then a matching Out punch the next day, the Out punch is listed as occurring on the In punch day, resulting in a negative punch duration.
  • If your instance has many departments, an error may occur when you click the Projects > Team tab after adding a new project.
  • The timesheet momentarily freezes if an automatic save occurs while you’re making a change. Fixed so that autosave does not occur while a user is editing. Also, the autosave frequency has been increased.
  • On the Payroll > Time Off page, if you select a row number to jump to from the User column, the page may load indefinitely.
  • An error occurs if you attempt to reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the login page if your email address includes an apostrophe.

Week of August 25, 2014

Change clients for a project

Project managers can now change a client in a project after the time and expenses have been entered and the project is not yet invoiced to the client.

New report template for invoice data

Billing managers can now create a new report to view invoice data by using the Invoice Details template. The report allows billing managers to view the details of all invoices created and their statuses, clients and projects that were included in a particular invoice, and invoiced and non-invoiced amounts.

Fixed issues

  • As a project manager, you can now add User Rates to the project even if the User Rates have not been enabled for the project’s client.
  • When you run the User Details report with the Timesheet, Time off, and Expense Template columns, the template columns appear empty.
  • For new users, if the Keep timesheet in sync with resource allocation option is enabled in the timesheet, they may get a login error.
  • When you run project reports, the values displayed in the Normalization Factor columns are rounded incorrectly.
  • If you try to export or schedule a report with the Format of custom columns set to Currency and the Summary Options set to Average, you will get an error.
  • When a CloudClock user is assigned a shift and a time off template from the web version of Replicon, he or she may get an error while trying to select the Time Off option on the device.
  • When using Internet Explorer 11, the buttons don't display properly when you go to the Team page, or when you try to switch between tabs on the Team page.
  • The amount in the Pay Amount (BC) column of the Employee Details Report is displayed incorrectly if the employee has split the time entered on a particular date as multiple entries.
  • When you try to save expenses entered against disabled tax codes in Replicon Mobile, you may get an error.

Week of August 18, 2014

Restrict time off bookings

You can restrict creation of time off bookings to the current timesheet period by enabling an option on the Time Off Templates page. For example, this will be useful if you are entering sick time in a timesheet.

Time punches from browsers

You can now allow time punches through the web even if you have the location and images required for mobile punches.

Identifying missed punches

Administrators can use a new option in the Punch Entry Policies page to set up the maximum duration beyond which the system will consider punches to be missing. This will be helpful for employees working on multiple shifts or in shifts that stretches across midnight.

Time off in CloudClock

CloudClock users can now book time off from the CloudClock device.

They can also view their time off balances, view the approval status of bookings they’ve submitted, and edit or delete their bookings from the Clock.

To access time off functionality, users tap the icon in the top, left-hand corner of the Clock, and select Time Off.

Audit trail of changes to punches in CloudClock

Employees can now view all changes that have made to their punches from the CloudClock. Details on the type of change that was made (addition, deletion, or edit), who made it, and when and why it was made are available.

To access the punch audit trail, users tap the icon in the top, left-hand corner of the Clock, and select Punch History > Audit Trail.

Ability to view last punch details in Replicon Mobile

In the Clock In or Out page of Replicon Mobile, you can view the last time punch details and the location of that punch.

Audit history of time punches in Replicon Mobile

In Replicon Mobile, supervisors and employees can now view an audit history of punches. For example, you can view time punches that were manually added and edited.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • When you run a report and print it, the filter options on top of the report may not display properly.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer and if you clear the text filters from the search boxes in the Payroll > Expenses page, the page does not refresh automatically.
  • If multiple users simultaneously edit the same time off bookings, you may get an error.
  • If you have entered expenses for a non-billable project, the expenses may be displayed as billable in the expense sheet.
  • If the start date or the end date of a Standard timesheet is on a day when there is a transition to daylight savings, you may get an error.

The following issue was fixed in both versions of Replicon Mobile:

  • If you are trying to view or enter time on a daily basis in a timesheet, you may get an error.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • Custom fields disabled in a timesheet template from the web version of Replicon may continue to appear in the timesheet.
  • Rejected timesheets may be displayed as Approved in the approval list.
  • If you are not allowed to add a photo while adding a time punch, you may get an error.
  • If you try to select a payment method while adding expenses for a project, you may get an error.

Week of August 11, 2014

Export employee payroll details to CSV file

You can export payroll details of employees to a CSV file from the Payroll > Employee Pay Details page if the View Employee Pay Details permission is enabled.

Audit trail of time punches

You can view the audit history of time punches by employees from the Team > Time Punches page if the View and Edit permissions for time punches are enabled. You can view which punch was added, deleted, or edited, who changed it, and when it was changed. You can also add time punches for employees.

Fixed issues

  • In a rare case, a new expense sheet is not saved even after clicking the Save button.

Week of August 4 , 2014

Ability to view approver comments in mobile app

In Replicon Mobile, employees and supervisors can now view comments from approvers on timesheets, expense sheets, and time off bookings.

Easier selection of time off durations in mobile app

In Replicon Mobile, in the Book Time Off page, you can now select the time off duration options from a drop - down list instead of a slider.

Fixed issues

The following issue was fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • If you use special characters in custom columns of reports, you may get an error.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • If you try to view more than 10 time off bookings by scrolling down the page, the bookings may not appear.
  • If you try to view a rejected expense sheet, you may get an error.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • When you search for an expense type while adding a new expense sheet, the search results may not be displayed.
  • If you do not enter comments that are mandatory in a timesheet with custom fields, multiple error messages may be displayed.
  • If you submit expenses for a non-billable project, the expenses status becomes billable, despite the Bill Client row being not enabled

The following issue was fixed in both versions of Replicon Mobile:

  • If you try to view older timesheets, you may get an error.

Week of July 28, 2014

Syncing timesheets with resource allocation data

The latest project or task allocation data automatically appears with timesheets if you enable the Keep timesheet in sync with resource allocation option in timesheet templates. When the project or task allocation data is updated and when the resources view the timesheet again, a message appears indicating updation of the project or task allocation data.

Currently, this option is only available in the web version of Replicon.

More precise billing rates for calculations

You can now use billing rates with four decimal places rather than two decimal places for more accurate calculations.

Added Program filter for resource management

A Program filter is now available for filtering resources from the Project Management > Resources section.

Fixed issues

  • When you click the Team > Timesheet tab, all the timesheets may not appear on the page displayed and on scrolling down the timesheet view may load indefinitely.
  • The disclaimer may be printed with the expense sheet even though the Include When Printing Expenses option for the disclaimer is not selected.
  • If you click the Client • Project • Task column before the timesheet loads completely, you may get an error.

Week of July 21, 2014

Entering time outside the project schedule

New options are available in the timesheet template settings that enable resources to enter time beyond the start and end dates of projects or tasks.

You can configure these new timesheet template settings in the Administration page.

Fixed issues

  • When you click in a time entry column, the Comments pop-up window may not appear and the Save button may not become enabled to save the time entries.
  • If there are multiple time off bookings on the first day of the time off calendar, the calendar may not display all the bookings of that day.
  • When you try to print an unsubmitted timesheet as a PDF document from the timesheet page, an extra blank page appears in the PDF document.
  • When only the View and Edit permissions for Billing Rates are enabled for you, an error occurs when you try to view the Administration > Billing Rates page.

Week of July 14, 2014

New way of submitting time off from timesheets

The method for entering time off from within a timesheet has changed. Previously, it was possible to enter time off hours directly into a row on a timesheet.

Now, if you want to add new time off from your timesheet, you will create a booking rather than entering time off in a timesheet row.

Booked time off will display in the timesheet.

What if we have time off entered in rows in existing timesheets?

This change applies to all timesheets. However, if you already have time off entered in rows in existing timesheets, you can still edit or delete that time off, and you can submit those timesheets. You just won’t be able to add time off in new timesheet rows.

What’s the reason for this change?

There are three reasons for this change:

  • Improves consistency of the user experience

All time off will now be booked off using the booking dialog.

  • Allows all time off to follow the same approval process

Previously, time off entered in a timesheet was not approved by the assigned time off approver. Now, if a user’s time off and timesheet approvers are different, the time off approver will have to approve bookings that overlap with a timesheet before that timesheet will be marked as approved.

  • Permits all time off policy settings to be enforced for all time off

Previously, minimum increment and start time required settings for time off types were not enforced for time off entered directly in timesheets.

Fixed issues

  • If the user does not edit one or more required custom fields while editing a time off booking, an error occurs on resubmitting the booking.
  • In a rare case, it may take longer than normal for you to log in as another user.

Week of July 7, 2014

Fixed issues

  • An expense sheet without reimbursable entries appears on the Payroll > Expenses page that has the Awaiting Reimbursement filter selected.
  • In some cases, hours do not display in the Project Total column on the Payroll > Timesheets page when they should.


Week of June 30, 2014

Fixed issues

  • If a user doesn’t have Edit Report permission, an error occurs if they attempt to export a report to PDF.
  • When you create a new time off type with accruals or resets defined and later view it, the accrual and reset dates and frequency do not display and cannot be edited.
  • If multiple required row-level custom fields appear on a timesheet and more than one of these is not filled in when the user attempts to submit, an error displays for the first field only.