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Week of November 10, 2014

In and out times in Audit Trail report

The Audit Trail report now displays the changes made to the in/out times along with the overall duration in hours. For example, if the original in/out time, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., were modified to 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Audit Trail report now displays the changes made to the in/out times.

Improved display of project and task custom fields

If you have multiple custom fields for projects and tasks, from now on, you don’t have to scroll down the page to view them. When you add more than five custom fields, the pop-up window automatically expands to list the remaining custom fields to the right of the window.

More specific error messages in Replicon Mobile

In Replicon Mobile, the error message, “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later”, will be replaced with error-specific messages.

Fixed issues

  • If you add Indian Rupee as a new currency, the currency symbol is displayed as a question mark when you try to select the reimbursement currency for a new expense sheet.
  • If a project manager does not have editing permissions, they can still add users to the team on the Projects > Team page.
  • If you edit a timesheet and export payroll data from the Payroll > Export page, the report may show the current value, rather than the change in value from the previous export.
  • If you try to edit a time off type from the Administration > Time Off Types > Edit Time Off Type page, the Require Booking field still appears even though it is obsolete.

Week of November 3, 2014

Easier filtering of payroll export data

Payroll managers can now choose when to refresh the data on the Payroll > Export page, using the new Preview button. Previously, each time a filter was changed, the table would automatically update, causing delays when multiple filter changes were required. Now payroll managers can set all the filters at once and then update the list by clicking Preview.

Replicon Mobile iOS

Fixed issues

  • Partial day time off bookings show as a full day on the In/Out timesheet.
  • If you try to view an approved timesheet in the Replicon Mobile iOS app, custom fields may not be displayed.

Week of October 27, 2014

Punch Timesheet report template

A Punch Timesheet report template is now available, that shows paired punch data, including in and out punch times and the longitude and latitude of each punch.

Use either a QR card or Replicon credentials to log in to CloudClock Android

Previously, administrators could allow users to log in to the CloudClock using either a QR code or their Replicon user name and password. Now, a third option is available – QR Identification or Employee Login. With this option, employees use their QR card to log in, but if a user forgets their card, they can choose to log in using their Replicon credentials.

Replicon Mobile iOS

Fixed issues

  • You may not be able to enter time or expenses against projects for which the Allow Time Entry against Task Only option is enabled.
  • If you attempt to search for a user on the Payroll > Time Off page, you may be logged out of the application.
  • If you select the Last Week option from the Date Range filter in reports based on the Resource template, data for the past two weeks displays.
  • If you attempt to add a substitute user in a system with many users, the page may time out with an error before the selected substitute is added.
  • In instances migrated from Gen2, you can’t change a client’s status to Inactive.
  • If a user is assigned more than one cost normalization rule (that is, two rules with different effective dates), the user’s name displays twice on the Administration > Users page.
  • If you disable an expense code for a project and then reload the project’s Expenses tab, random numbers display in place of the disabled code’s name.
  • Fixed iOS 8 compatibility issues in CloudClock iOS.

Week of October 20, 2014

Hide past time off bookings in approval lists

You can now prevent past time off bookings (that is, bookings with an end date of today or earlier) from displaying in the Time Off Booking For Approval list on the Team > Approvals page. To do this, enable the new Only Show Future Bookings in Approval List option in Supervisor permission sets.

Enabling this option can simplify the approval process in cases where supervisors don’t need to approve bookings for time off that occurred in the past, such as bookings for sick days.

Badge count of pending submissions and approvals in Replicon Mobile iOS

In Replicon Mobile iOS, you can now view the badge in the upper right hand corner of the Replicon app icon. The icon displays the total count of pending submissions and approvals.

Replicon Mobile iOS

Fixed issues

  • A 401 status error may occur in CloudClocks even if the clock is not disabled.
  • Users may be able to submit time off bookings that cause them to exceed their policy’s maximum overdraw amount.
  • When you attempt to email a report, if the send to All the users listed in the report option is selected, the report is not sent.
  • Reports based on the Timesheet Audit Trail template time out if they are run for a selected user and a value is selected from the report’s Modified On filter.
  • On the Billing > Invoice tab, past invoice due dates for invoices that are not yet paid do not display in red.
  • Changes to address login and page load performance issues.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • In Replicon Mobile iOS 8, you may see multiple errors while booking time off.
  • Images captured in Replicon Mobile Android by one user cannot be viewed by another user in Replicon Mobile iOS. For example, a time punch image captured by an employee with Replicon Mobile Android cannot be viewed by the supervisor in Replicon Mobile iOS.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • If you go to the Punch Details screen, the images may not be displayed.
  • If you add or edit an entry and save the timesheet, the time entered may be displayed as zero.

Week of October 13, 2014

Limited approvers’ view of In/Out timesheets

While approving an In/Out timesheet, client representatives or project managers with the Approve Time for My Projects permission can now view only their assigned projects.

Ability to correct time punches using the CloudClock

In the Android version of the CloudClock, employees with permission to correct punches enabled in their punch entry policy can now use the CloudClock to add, edit, and delete their time punches. And, if they have permission to post punches, they can now transfer their punches to their In/Out timesheet for approval.

All add and edit punch screens include an editable date field that employees can use to change the date of the punch. This is useful for employees whose shifts span midnight who need to add a punch to a different day.

Last time punch details in CloudClock

In the Android version of the CloudClock, employees can now view the type and time of their last time punch on the punch entry screen of the CloudClock.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • If you try to open a program that consists of more than 1,000 projects from the Project Management > Programs page, the system may display a server error.
  • When you try to deselect the View Other Users Time Off option on the Administration > Time Off Templates page, an error may be displayed.
  • When the User Details report is run, the report may display permission details not available for that user.
  • If the total allocated hours is set to less than an hour from the Projects > Team tab, the allocated hours are not displayed in the allocation table.
  • If you rename a project task against which time has been entered and run a report with the Task Name (Full Path) column enabled, the report does not display the changed task name.

The following issue was fixed in CloudClock iOS:

  • The total requested time off and the new balance do not display when you view your rejected and approved time off bookings.

Week of October 6, 2014

Task moving and reordering

It is now possible to change the order in which a project’s tasks display on the Tasks tab by dragging and dropping the task to the desired new location. You might want to change the order in which a project’s tasks display to make it easier to find tasks (for example, by ordering alphabetically), or to reflect each task’s priority or expected start or end date.

You can also move any task from one branch of a project to another. However, you cannot move tasks to different projects.

Time Off

If you plan to transfer a project from Replicon to QuickBooks or Microsoft Project using Replicon’s integration tools, do not alter the order of tasks in Replicon. Tasks can’t be transferred correctly if their order has been changed.

Fixed issues

  • In reports based on the Time Off – Balances or Time Off History templates, values in the Time Off Remaining field may be inaccurate when the report is run for all users.
  • If required timesheet entry level custom fields exist in your system, when users without these fields enabled in their timesheet template try to save a timesheet, the timesheet does not save.
  • Submit actions aren’t recorded in reports based on the Timesheet Audit Trail template.
  • If you enable a required disclaimer message check box on a timesheet, when you later return to that timesheet, a validation error displays stating the check box must be selected even though it already appears to be selected.
  • If you edit and attempt to save a permission set that is assigned to many users, the save may time out before completing.

Week of September 29, 2014

Ability to filter by multiple departments in the User, Resource, and Work Schedule reports

A standalone Department filter is now available in reports based on the User, Resource, and Work Schedule templates. This filter can be used in place of the Department sub-filter of the User filter, making it easier to report on multiple departments.

Push notifications in Replicon Mobile

From now on, you will receive push notifications in Replicon Mobile for every notification type enabled by your administrator on the web app. For example, if you are an employee, you will receive push notifications when your timesheet is due. As a supervisor, you will receive push notifications when timesheets are due for your approval.

When you receive a push notification message in the notifications center of your device, tap the message to go to the correct app page.

Date field for editing time punches in Replicon Mobile

In Replicon Mobile, a new Date field added to the My Replicon > Clock In/Out page and the Team > Time Punches page allows you to edit the dates for the punches. By editing the date, your night shift employees can ensure that there are no missing punch pairs and all the punches are displayed chronologically.

Single sign-on (SSO) logout in Replicon Mobile

When a single sign-on (SSO) user logs out, users are automatically directed to the logout URL set in the Replicon web app.

Time off request editing in Replicon Mobile

In Replicon Mobile, you can now edit or delete an approved time off request based on the time off type settings in the web app.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • If a user attempts to approve more than ten items at once, the approvals may time out. Improved performance of approvals of over ten items, to prevent this issue.
  • If you have many billing rates in your system, rates may not display on the Clients > Billing Rates page for a client due to a page load time-out.
  • In systems with a very large number of users (more than 10,000), the Administration > Users page may time out when loading and show an error.
  • Timesheets may be slow to delete if your database is large.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • While editing an unapproved time off booking, you may not be able to select None as the value in a custom field.
  • In the custom fields of timesheets, you may not be allowed to enter decimal values.
  • When you edit a custom field in a timesheet and save the timesheet, the mobile app crashes.

Week of September 22, 2014

Include all time off calendar data in iCal feed

A new option allows supervisors, approvers, and time off users to set up the iCal feed to view all time off calendar data. To view the time off calendar data of other users, you must deselect the Only include my time off box.

Time Off

If the Only include my time off box remains selected, the iCal feed displays only your time off data.

Date field for time punches

A new Date field has been added to the My Replicon > Clock In / Out page and the Team > TIme Punches page that allows you to edit the dates for the punches. By editing the date, your night shift employees can ensure that there are no missing punch pairs.

Time punch details

On the Team > Time Punches page, the new Details section displays the punch details such as punch location and punch source (web, mobile, or CloudClock).

Last time punch details

On the web version of Replicon, employees can now see details of the last punch made from web, mobile, or Cloud Clock.

Fixed issues

  • If you generate a user report that includes the Current Hourly Payroll column, details of users with future payroll rates may not be displayed.
  • The Add Placeholder drop-down list under the Team tab on the Project Management > Projects page does not display in an alphabetical order.
  • Timesheet approval notifications to project managers may display the total timesheet hours instead of the time entered against projects.

Week of September 15, 2014

Fixed issues

  • If you try to print an expense sheet with a long description, the report may not display the full description.
  • When you run a report with the Approver Name filter, such as the Employee Pay Details report, the report may take a long time to display or it may time out.
  • When you try to save a timesheet, you may get an error indicating that you are offline.
  • If you try to run a weekly or monthly report, the report columns may not group in a chronological order if the first user in the report does not have any data.
  • When you click a program on the Project Management > Programs page, you may get an error.

Week of September 8, 2014

Ability to calculate percent of time worked per project using the Timesheet Day report

New fields are available in the Timesheet Day report that allow you to calculate what percent of a resource’s hours was dedicated to a given project during each timesheet period.

The following new columns have been added:

  • Scheduled Hours
  • Total Hours (In Period)
  • Project Hours (In Period)
  • Non-Project Hours (In Period)
  • Billable Hours (In Period)
  • Non-billable Hours (In Period)
  • Total Time Off Hours (In Period)
  • Total Break Hours (In Period)
  • Week Days (In Period)
  • Week Day Hours (In Period)
  • Work Days (In Period)
  • Scheduled Hours (In Period)
  • Scheduled Days Off (In Period)
  • Holidays (In Period)

Fixed issues

  • The MM/DD/YYYY date format is used on expense sheets, even if the DD/MM/YYYY format is selected in user settings.
  • In certain cases when In and Out punches span two In/Out timesheets, earned overtime does not display in the timesheets.
  • If you update the currency and the exchange rate when entering a mileage expense, the Incurred Amount field on the My Replicon > Expenses tab erroneously displays a value calculated using the default exchange rate until the page is refreshed.