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Week of January 19, 2015

Task custom fields now available in the Invoice Details report

You can now include Task custom fields as columns and filters in reports based on the Invoice Details template. This can help you more easily share custom invoice data regarding tasks with your clients.

Fixed issues

  • In databases with a large set of currencies and exchange rates, you may be unable to change your system’s base currency due to the page timing out.
  • You may be able to view certain cost normalization fields in reports in instances without the required Replicon PPM or TimeCost licensing.
  • Duplicate rows may display if you include the Hourly Cost Amount column in reports based on the following templates:
    • Project Team Time, Expense, Cost & Billing
    • Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing
    • Resource

Week of January 12, 2015

Ability to filter projects by programs in Replicon Mobile iOS

Users who are assigned the Select Projects by Program option in their timesheet template can now choose to filter projects by the program they belong to when selecting projects to enter time against.

Ability to filter projects by programs in Replicon Mobile iOS

This functionality was released in the Android version of the app on January 4, 2015.

Simplified login to Replicon Mobile iOS

When logging in to the Replicon Mobile iOS app, you’ll now enter your login details using a single screen, rather than multiple screens. Plus, if you’re a Google single sign-on user, you can now sign in using your Google credentials.

Fixed issues

  • In the Replicon Mobile Android, various improvements were made to error messaging.

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • Users with the Reopen expenses after approval option enabled in their expense templates cannot reopen approved expenses.
  • Users with no time off product (TimeOff or TimeAttend) enabled in their instance may still see a Time Off section in their Standard timesheet.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • The Add Punch screen shows the Transfer tab even if you can’t punch in and out against activities.
  • On the Time Off screen, you may not be able to edit a value selected from a drop-down custom field.
  • If you select a value from a time off drop-down custom field, the entire screen moves up and displays only the custom field value.
  • When the app is unavailable due to scheduled server maintenance, no message indicating this displays in the app.

Week of January 5, 2015

Project-level data available in task- and user-level reports

The following new project fields are available in reports based on the Project Team Time Expense Cost & Billing, Task Time Expense Cost & Billing, and Project Team Assignment templates:

  • Total Project Hours – Shows the hours entered against the project including all task hours for all dates
  • Total Estimated Hours – For projects with task estimates, shows the sum of all project-level and task-level hours estimates. For projects with allocations, shows the sum of allocated hours of all users and placeholders, for all dates.
  • Total Remaining Hours – Shows Total Estimated Hours – Total Actual Hours

Previously in these reports, once you selected a user or a task, all report data became user- or task-level. Now, these fields will always display data for the whole project, regardless of what other columns you’ve chosen to include in the report.

New option to filter expense data in reports

In reports based on the Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing data template, an Expense Incurred Date option is now available in the Date Range filter. You can use this option to filter data based on the date on which the expense was incurred.

New option to filter expense data in reports

Also, the Entry Date field is renamed to Entry Date/Sheet Date and a new column, Entry Date/Incurred Date, is added to the report.

Fixed issues

  • In reports based on the Employee Pay Details template, the value in the Pay Code Hours column may be inaccurate because the number of hours in a day is erroneously multipled by the number of allocations for that day.

Week of December 29, 2014

Use either a QR card or Replicon credentials to log in to CloudClock iOS

Previously, administrators could allow users to log in to the CloudClock using either a QR code or their Replicon user name and password. Now, a third option is available – QR Identification or Employee Login. With this option, employees use their QR card to log in, but if a user forgets their card, they can choose to log in using their Replicon credentials.

This change was added to the Android version of CloudClock in October 2014.

Ability to filter projects by programs in Replicon Mobile Android

Users who are assigned the Select Projects by Program option in their timesheet template can now choose to filter projects by the program they belong to when selecting projects to enter time against.

Ability to filter projects by programs in Replicon Mobile iOS

This functionality will soon be available in the iOS version of the app.

Changes to update message in Replicon Mobile Android

If you are not using the latest version of Replicon Mobile Android app, an "App update available" message will now be displayed every fifth time you start the app, and not every time.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • Users without the view all projects permissions can erroneously view all projects in the Project filter on the Clients page.
  • If you try to delete an edited, long duration time off from the Payroll > Time Off page, a timeout error is displayed.
  • The Estimated Hours (Selected Dates) column in reports based on the Project Team Time Expense Cost Billing report template shows data outside the Date Range filter set.
  • The total hours displayed in the HH:MM format in the timesheet list pages may appear in the decimal format when a timesheet is opened for viewing.

The following issue was fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • In an expense sheet, you cannot choose a currency different than the default currency set for that expense type.
  • Fixed issue that caused the app to intermittently stop working when employees used the time punching feature.

Week of December 22, 2014

Bradford Factor added to Time Off Balances report

A new column, Bradford Factor (52 weeks), has been added to the Time Off Balances report template.

The Bradford Factor is used by human resources departments to monitor the length and frequency of employee absence. It is calculated for the 52 weeks preceding the date selected from the As Of Date filter in the report by using the following formula:

Bradford Factor = (Number of instances of time off taken)2 * (Number of days taken off)

where an instance is a day off or a group of consecutive days off using the same time off type.

Ability to send log files in CloudClock Android

You can now send log files through emails to the Replicon Support team to help them resolve issues you’ve encountered. To email a log file, hold the blue bar on your device on the Clock Scan screen or the employee login screen to display a pop-up window. Then, select the date and time range and click Send.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • Running the Project Profitability report with a custom field as one of the filters may result in a timeout error.
  • In CloudClock Android, if a disabled user tries to clock in, the Clock may become deactivated.

Week of December 15, 2014

Fixed issues

  • If you enter and save a value of more than 999 in a custom field on the Project Info pop-up window, the field appears blank when reopened.
  • Expense amounts entered in non-base currency are converted to the base currency amount based on the current date’s exchange rate, and not on the modified rate or the incurred date’s rate.
  • You can't run a report for a sub-department if you have multiple sub-departments with similar names, as the Department filter does not properly display data in this case.
  • The partial days in your Outlook time off calendar feed may be displayed as full days.
  • The decimal mark may be missing from the billing rates displayed on the Projects > Billing Rates page.
  • When you try to view a timesheet, you may see a server error, or the timesheet may take longer than usual to display.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • The push notification icon may be displayed as a blank square for Replicon Mobile Android 5.0 users.
  • When you try to view time off balances, the app may freeze.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • If you select an expense sheet from the Previous Expenses screen and tap Mileage, then the amount, the app crashes rather than taking you to the Amount screen.
  • In expense sheets, you cannot change the currency for expenses using the Mileage expense type; it will always use the default currency set for the Mileage type.
  • The app is sometimes slow to display last punch info after you clock in or out, or create a transfer or break punch. It may also be slow to return to the Punch In and Out screen when you tap Use to use a captured image.
  • If you’re viewing the Timesheets section of the app and switch to another app, then switch back, Replicon Mobile’s home screen displays rather than the screen you were just viewing. Fixed so that the app will display the home screen only after you’ve been inactive for 15 minutes or more.
  • When using iOS8, if your camera is disabled for use with Replicon Mobile in your device’s settings, when you punch in or out and then tap on Cancel or on the camera icon, the app will crash. Fixed so that you’ll be prompted to enable the camera.
  • If you attempt to submit an In/Out timesheet without completing required timesheet-level custom fields, you may still be unable to submit after entering the values.
  • When you add a new expense to an expense sheet, its currency doesn’t default to the sheet-level reimbursement currency selected in the web app.
  • An error message may display if you create a time off booking from your timesheet, though the booking is saved successfully.

Week of December 8, 2014

Data on punch validation and waivers available in reports

Data regarding the validation of punches against break rules is now available in the Time Punch Details report template and reports based on it. The following new columns are available:

  • Validation Message
  • Validation Severity
  • Waiver Message
  • Waiver Response
  • Waiver Response Modified By
  • Waiver Response Modified On

A Validation filter is also now available that can be used to filter punches with validations, ones with validation waivers, and ones with waivers with no response.

In certain jurisdictions, waivers are used to determine whether a meal penalty has occurred. If an employee violates a break rule and accepts the waiver for that violation, they are saying the violation was required by their employer, and therefore they are entitled to extra pay.

New invoice fields that support integration with external applications

The following new fields are now available on the Billing > Invoice page:

  • External System Invoice #
  • Sync Status – displays status of invoice, either Not Synced, Queued for Sync, Synced, or Failed Sync
  • Sync Notes – displays sync errors

In addition, the Invoice # column has been renamed Replicon Invoice #.

Mass edit confirmation displays the names of users with changes pending

When editing multiple users at once, if 10 or fewer users are being updated, the mass edit confirmation will now show the names of all users whose profiles will change. If 11 or more users are affected, the confirmation will now indicate how many users are being updated.

Fixed issues

  • Due to an issue released in the December 6, 2014 deploy, existing expense sheets don’t load. This issue was fixed on December 8th.
  • In reports based on the Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing data template, data doesn’t display in the Expense Code field if a status is selected from the Approval Status filter.
  • If you attempt to preview a PDF receipt that’s been uploaded to an expense sheet, an The file is damaged and could not be repaired error may occur, even if the receipt can be successfully viewed using the Replicon Mobile app.
  • In the Project Management permission set, under Timesheet Approval Permissions, you can enable the Edit Timesheet option if approval of Time for My Projects is selected, even though timesheet editing isn’t actually possible with that option selected. Also, it is possible to enabled approval options even if Do Not Approve is selected.
  • If you used the Post to Timesheet button to transfer time to user timesheets, in some cases, transferred hours may not display in timesheets.
  • In some cases, when you view a project row in an In/Out timesheet using Replicon Mobile, data does not display.
  • Decimal and thousands separators don’t display in budget values on a program’s Info page.

The following updates were made in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • Those using a ‘Clock In/Out’ format can now submit their timesheets using the app.
  • Changes have been made to prevent app crashes.

Week of December 1, 2014

Modified On field and filter in the Timesheet Day template

A Modified On field and filter are now available in reports based on the Timesheet Day template. You can use these to generate a report that lists all time entries that were modified in a particular date range that includes related data, like the client, project, or custom field the time was entered against.

Unlike the Modified On column in the Audit Trail report, which shows times of timesheet level actions such as Submit and Approve, the new Timesheet Day field shows only the time when a timesheet cell was last modified.

Fixed issues

  • In all reports in which it is available, the Employee ID field cannot be used to group data.
  • When you load a timesheet, the progress bar on the timesheet may not display for a task due to a performance issue.
  • If a user with a unicode character in their name creates a report, the unicode character is replaced by invalid characters in the report header when other users view that report.
  • An error may occur if you attempt to run a report based on the Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing data template with certain filters selected.

Week of November 24, 2014

Fixed issues

  • If you make changes to a timesheet and save, and then reload the timesheet by clicking twice on the My Replicon tab, your data may revert to what it was before you last saved the timesheet.
  • If you attempt to replace a placeholder for a project with a user, the swap occurs successfully,however the Swap Users to Project page loads indefinitely and you must close your browser to stop the loading.
  • When you view timesheet hours from the Payroll > Timesheets tab, billable project time may sometimes display as non-billable.
  • Certain payroll-related fields, such as Regular and Overtime payroll time, aren’t available for display on the Payroll > Timesheets tab.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • If you enter an expense amount, it does not display on the Amount or Edit Expense Entry pages.
  • An error may occur if you pull to refresh the list of users with timesheets pending approval, and then tap a timesheet.


Week of November 17, 2014

New columns and filter added to report templates

A new column, Project Estimated Expenses, is added to the following report templates:

  • Project Progress Template
  • Expense Template
  • Project Team Assignment Template
  • Project Template
  • Project Team Time, Expense Cost and Billing Template
  • Task Assignment Template
  • Task Time, Expense Cost and Billing Template
  • Timesheet Day Template
  • Invoice Details Template

The Program filter is added to the following templates:

  • Project Team Assignment
  • Task Assignment

New columns and a new section have been added to the Invoice Details template report type to include more details about billing. The following columns are added to the Timesheet section:

  • Entry Date
  • Comments
  • Billable Timesheet Hours

The new section, Task, which is added after the Projects section, consists of the following:

  • Task Name
  • Task Name (Full Path)
  • Task Code

New design for payroll filters

The way you select the filters on the Payoll > Export page has changed. Now, you can search for a specific user if the Users filter does not display the user you are looking for.

Replicon Mobile iOS

Tracking the last modification to an invoice

You can now view the most recent update to an invoice from the Billing > Invoice page. A new field, Last Modified, has been added under the invoice heading and it displays the date and time of the most recent change to the invoice.

Fixed issues

  • On the Team > Time Punches page, punches made from a device or web may be displayed as duplicate entries.
  • When you change your base currency for a certain period to another currency and later revert to the original base currency, the exchange rates may not display the correct values.
  • For a time off user who does not use timesheets, the Employee Pay Details report may not display any time off data.
  • If the Project Estimated Cost or the Project Estimated Expense currency is different from the base currency, the reports with these columns do not display the amount calculated in the base currency.
  • If you try to book time off for your direct reportee and you have only the Submit permission and not the Edit permission, you may get an error.
  • Project custom fields with the word “ID” in their field names are grayed out.
  • In Replicon Mobile iOS, if you are a single sign-on (SSO) user and you upgrade the app, the app does not log in automatically and displays an error.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • If Android 4.0.3 users try to send an error log file, the app may crash.
  • If you incorrectly book time off, no error message is being displayed on the screen.