Product Update – May 18, 2011
Expense Exchange Rates calculated as of Date Incurred

In previous versions, if an expense was incurred in one currency and reimbursed in another, Web TimeSheet would calculate the reimbursement amount based on the last exchange rate entered for the currency. Now, reimbursement is calculated using the exchange rate that is in effect in your system on the day when the expense was incurred.

Will my existing expense sheets be affected?

New expenses created after upgrade to version 8.24.10 will use exchange rates as of the incurred date. Any saved, submitted, and approved expenses that existed in your system prior to upgrade to version 8.24.10 will retain the exchange rates that were applied when you last saved them. However, if you edit the incurred date of an existing saved expense and then save the expense sheet, the expense will update to use the rate as of the incurred date.

New Time Off Tracking Properties in the API

You can now access how time off a user has taken and has remaining using three new properties of the time off booking object. In addition, the time off type object now includes a Display As property that allows you to choose whether time off remaining or taken displays for that type.

Refer to the RepliConnect documentation for more information.

Product Update – May 4, 2011
Support for the QuickBooks Online Edition and QuickBooks 2011

The Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks now supports use with US and Canadian editions of QuickBooks 2011 and the QuickBooks Online Edition.

Certain limitations exist when using the Integration Manager with the QuickBooks Online Edition, due to issues imposed by that edition of QuickBooks. Refer to the Integration Manager for QuickBooks User Guide for more information.

Billed Flag for TimeSheets

Administrators can now be allowed to mark timesheets as billed, and filter by this new status, on the Historical Timesheets page. They can also view and filter by this status in most Timesheet reports, including the Timesheet Detail report. To allow users to mark timesheets, assign them Administration > Historical Timesheets > Mark as Billed permission.

New Time Off Queries in RepliConnect

Using the RepliConnect API, you can now:


Access current user time off balances for each time off type


Choose to display time off in hours (via a new option in the system preferences query)


Filter time off bookings that were modified since a specified time


Refer to the RepliConnect documentation for more information on these options.