Product Update – August 2, 2012
Attendance report

Default TimeOff TypeFor CloudClock users, a new Attendance report is now available in the Reports section of Replicon. HR managers can run this report to view attendance details of employees.

Product Update – July 11, 2012
Default time off type for time off entered in a Timesheet
Time off Time Attend

Default TimeOff TypeUsers who have permission to add time off directly to their timesheet can now specify, on the User Preferences page, which time off type will be used by default for these entries. This can help prevent users from adding time off using the wrong time off type.

Expense Entry ID column in Expense Sheets
Cloud Clock

Expense Entry Id ColumnThe Expense Entry ID column, formerly only available in reports, is now available for addition to expense sheets. This column will display the ID that the system generates for each expense when the expense sheet is saved. This option may, for example, assist you in associating expenses with their paper receipts.

To add this column, enable it via the Expense Columns page. Once enabled, users can add this column to expense sheets by clicking the Settings button.

Ability to block users from editing auto-populated holiday bookings
Time off Time Attend

Prevent Auto Popup TimeOffIf your system is set up to auto-populate users’ calendars and timesheets with holiday bookings, you have specified which time off type should be used to create those bookings. Users can edit entries of that specified holiday type in their timesheet – or add new holiday entries to their timesheet – provided they have permission to edit time off bookings.

Now, you can prevent users from modifying holiday timesheet entries by enabling the Prevent Add/Edit of auto-populated time off bookings setting on the List Time Off Types page.

Product Update – Jun 20, 2012
Activities in the CloudClock timesheet
Cloud Clock

Cloud Clock ActivitiesIn the CloudClock timesheet, you can now track what an employee works on. For example, an employee may be asked to do something different on some days than what they do on a regular basis.

Administrators can set a default activity for an employee; this is one of the enabled activities for the employee. This default activity is used for work segments that are not specifically assigned to an activity.

Cloud Clock Activities ChangeEmployees can use the Activities feature in the CloudClock timesheet to select an activity/change the activity they are working on.

Payroll Export History report
Cloud Clock

Cloud Clock Activities HistoryA new Payroll Export History report is now available in the Reports section of Replicon. Payroll administrators and auditors can now view days on which the hours were exported, via the ADP payroll export. Administrators can filter the Payroll Export History report by the 'Exported On' column to view the days.

Product Update – May 23, 2012
Who's In and Out Page
Cloud Clock

Who's In-Out

A new Who is working today page is now available in the Approvals section of Replicon. This page displays which CloudClock timesheet users are punched in and which are punched out at that moment. Any user assigned View Who is Working Page and Approval functions permission can view this page, which allows you to give users who should not have access to approval information the ability to gauge who's at work.


Product Update – May 17, 2012
Ability to require acceptance of a Timesheet Message
Time AttendTime CostTime Bill

Acceptance required

You can now require that the disclaimer message included on Standard 2.0 timesheets be accepted by users before they are allowed to submit their timesheets. This requirement is enabled by assigning users the new Acceptance of disclaimer is required permission. If assigned this permission, users must check the Accept box associated with the disclaimer message before they will be permitted to submit their timesheet

Custom Reason Codes for use when editing CloudClock timesheets
Cloud Clock

Reason Codes

CloudClock administrators can now create their own punch correction reason codes that supervisors can use when making modifications to CloudClock timesheets. Each custom code you create must be associated with a particular edit action — either add, modify, or delete.


Product Update – May 9, 2012
Auto Punch-Out at Midnight Option for CloudClock Users
Cloud Clock

Auto-Clock Out and Clock In

A new Auto-Clock Out and Clock In option is now available on the Advanced tab of user profiles. When enabled, if the user is punched in at 11:59 pm, the system will automatically punch them out and then back in again at 12:00 am. This option is useful if employees work night shifts; when a user assigned this option punches out at the end of a night shift, that action will not erroneously be recorded as their first punch of the day (i.e. a punch in).

Option to save zero-hour entries in the Standard 2.0 Timesheet
Time AttendTime BillTime Cost

zero hour entries

A new Allow zero hour entries in the timesheet (Standard 2.0) system preference is now available that, when enabled, will cause any 0 values entered in the Standard 2.0 timesheet to be saved to your database. You may want to record these 0 values if you perform certain types of custom reporting or productivity tracking


Product Update – April 25, 2012
Supervisor-Level Access to Historical Time Off
Time AttendTime off

Previously, assigning a user Historical Time Off permissons (such as the ability to edit or delete time off bookings) allowed them to modify all time off in the system. Now, a new For Supervisees permission is available that allows users to modify their supervisees' time off only. A user's supervisees are those for whom the user is assigned Supervisor.


Any user in your system who is currently assigned Historical Time Off permissions will retain their current level of access (i.e. they will continue to be able to make changes to all time off bookings).


Product Update – March 29, 2012
Email Notifications sent based on Recipient's Time Zone

If the Time zone set for each user option is in use, email notifications whose send time is user-selectable are now sent based on the recipient’s time zone (as set in their user profile).

For example, if you specify that a certain email notification should be sent at 9am, it will be sent at 9am in the recipient’s time zone, not at 9am in the company time zone.


Task Assignment Modified (Batch) notification is always sent based on company time zone


Notifications forwarded to substitute users are always sent in the time zone of the user for whom they are substituting

Product Update – March 14, 2012
Two Meal Breaks Rule
Cloud Clock

You can now require a CloudClock user to take two meal breaks in a single shift. As with other break rules, you can define by what time each break must be taken. And, if the user's schedule is defined in Replicon and the user does not take meal breaks as specified in their assigned break rule, a break rule violation will be noted on their supervisor's Team Time page.


Product Update – March 09, 2012
Ability to Print QR Cards from Replicon
Cloud Clock

You can now print, activate or deactivate CloudClock QR cards from your Replicon instance. Refer to Administering QR Cards in Replicon's online help for more information.