Product Update – January 9, 2013
Enable IP Roaming

Enable IP RoamingYou can now log into Replicon from outside the network, from home (with dynamic IP addresses) or via mobile devices, by enabling a new permission – Allow IP Roaming.

Enable IP Address restrictionThe permission shows up only when the Enable IP Address restriction checkbox is selected. (System > IP Filtering)

When this checkbox is selected, you can bypass any IP filtering policies defined in the system. You can log in from outside the defined range and also from within the network, with the defined IP address range.

Integration with QuickBooks

The Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks is compatibile with QuickBooks 2013.

Product Update – December 19, 2012
Expense Limits

Expense LimitsYou can now set limits on expenses incurred. The field Warning Limit (per entry) in the Add New Expense Code page, enables you to set up limits. The field is blank by default. It is a currency based field and will follow the decimal precision value set in system preferences.

When users exceed their expense limits, they get warnings in their expense sheets when they enter expenses. They can however submit their expense sheets. Approvers can view the excesses in a submitted expense sheet and either approve or reject the expense sheet.

Warning Limit ColumnA new column Warning Limit is added in the Expense Column Preferences page. If the column is checked and defined, each entry in the expense sheet gets validated and users will get a warning message. You can view the Limit column in an expense sheet only when this column is enabled.

If an expense is entered in a currency different from the Warning Limit currency, the entered value is converted based on the exchange rate of the Warning Limit currency.

Product Update – November 22, 2012
Timesheet Disclaimer

Timesheet DisclaimerIn timesheets, a new permission Show timesheet disclaimer, allows you to display the Disclaimer textbox in the timesheet.

The existing permission Acceptance of disclaimer is required is now setup as a child permission and is dependent on the new Show timesheet disclaimer permission.

The following behavior is noted when you change these permissions:

  • If both Show timesheet disclaimer and Acceptance of disclaimer is required permissions are not selected, the Disclaimer textbox is not displayed even if a Timesheet Disclaimer has been created at the system level.
  • If both Show timesheet disclaimer and Acceptance of disclaimer is required permissions are selected, both the Disclaimer textbox and the Accept checkbox are displayed.
  • If you only select the Show timesheet disclaimer permission, only the Disclaimer textbox will be displayed.

Acceptance of DisclaimerThe Acceptance of disclaimer is required permission is extended to the In-Out and Locked In-Out timesheets. The Accept checkbox is available in the Disclaimer textbox when the timesheet is in the View Period mode.

Product Update – November 8, 2012
Activity Control in Standard Timesheet 2.0

CloudClock TimesheetA new search drop down is added to the Activity column in Standard Timesheet 2.0.

The search control is similar to the Client-Project-Task selector and has the following features:

  • Searches from the first character that is entered
  • Searches the entire Activity name string and not just names that 'Start with'
  • Displays search results in an ascending order
  • Applies to the following report templates:

    • Timesheet Hours Details
    • Project Status
    • Project Time Analysis

Product Update – October 25, 2012
Enable Timesheet Comments

CloudClock TimesheetIn timesheets, a new permission Enable timesheet comments, allows you to enable the comments column to appear when the users record their time.

The existing permission Allow blank timesheet comments is now setup as a child permission and is dependent on the new Enable timesheet comments permission.

The following behaviour is noted when you change these permissions:

  • If both Enable timesheet comments and Allow blank timesheet comments permissions are not selected, the comments textbox is disabled.
    Note: Comments entered earlier can be viewed in a read-only mode.
  • If both Enable timesheet comments and Allow blank timesheet comments permissions are selected, then entering comments is optional.
  • If you only select the Enable timesheet comments permission, then entering comments is mandatory.

Product Update – October 11, 2012
Timesheet Entries in Percentages

Require time to be entered in percentagesIn timesheets, a new permission Require time to be entered in percentages, allows you to enter time in percentages instead of actual hours.

This feature allows you to restrict users from entering any over time or exceed the total number of work hours per day. The application calculates and converts the percentage entries made against projects into hours to be logged against those projects. For example, if a user enters 25% against Project A, then based on the eight hours per day value, two hours will be logged against the project.

Timesheet approvers can now view and edit the timesheet in hours and percentages.

Generated By field in Report Header

Generated By fieldA new field, Generated By, in the report header displays the name of the user generating the report.

This field appears when you view the report on-screen, while printing it, and when exporting the report into MS Excel and PDF formats.

Client Manager – New Permission Type

Client Manager – New Permission TypeA new permission type, Client Manager, has been added to handle the client manager requirement. A user designated as Client Manager, assigned to a client, will only be able to view and manage projects that belong to that client.

Client Manager DropdownThe Client Manager drop-down lists only those users who have the Client Manager permission enabled and are currently assigned to the client.

A Client Manager can:

  • Approve timesheets.
  • Edit and View project details (tasks, resources, billable/non-billable status, billing rates, etc) for only those projects that belong to their clients.

Product Update – September 27, 2012
Clock IN/OUT – CloudClock Timesheet
Cloud Clock

CloudClock TimesheetThe Clock IN/OUT button has been added to the CloudClock timesheet for the current period. The timezone settings are taken into account when the IN/OUT time is recorded. When you click the button, it considers the current time and records the IN time; i.e. the current time is entered in the current day in your timesheet. When you click the button again, it records the OUT time.

The Clock IN/OUT button is driven by the Allow locked clock IN/OUT permission in the Timesheet section. The button also reflects rules, such as Rounding rules or Meal Break rules that are applied to the user. The button is not displayed on timesheets that are already submitted or on a timesheet that is not for the current period.

Product Update – August 30, 2012
Decimal Precision

Decimal PrecisionYou can now set the precision for currency fields in Decimal precision for currency fields from the System Preferences page.

For all currency fields in Billing Rates, Expenses, and Resource Costs, you can add, edit, view, import and export the fields with a decimal precision that is less than or equal to the system provisioned value.

If you enter a field that is less than the precision value entered in the system, you must right pad the field with zeroes. For example, if the system currency precision is 4, USD 1.15 is displayed as 1.1500.

Product Update – August 16, 2012
Quarterly Accruals and Resets

Quarterly AccuralsAdministrators can now create accrual and reset rules for a time off type, based on a company’s quarter. Standard quarters such as Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec are already defined in the system but they can customize a quarter based on their requirements.

Quarterly ResetOnce they select the ‘Quarterly’ option, the monthly range options display in the ‘on’ drop-down list.

Anniversary PolicyAdditionally, when administrators create anniversary-based policies while creating a time off type, Anniversary day is displayed as an option.

Replicon Mobile Update (2.0.4) – August 3, 2012

Default TimeOff TypeYou can now approve multiple timesheets at once using the new Check All button available in the top, right-hand corner of the Pending Timesheets.

You can find the latest version of the Replicon Mobile iPhone app in the App Store.