Replicon Mobile Update – June 16, 2014

Replicon Mobile iOS

The existing iOS app has been replaced with a single app that works for all our customers, regardless of which product they are using. This change allows us to focus our efforts on one app and deliver improvements even faster. You can continue to use the app you already have installed, but there will be no updates available going forward. To benefit from future updates, please install the new app via the App Store.

Product Update – June 05, 2014

New Feature

GENTWO-66 OAuth Authentication for QB Online integration


authentication When you (administrator) launch the Web Timesheet Integration Manager you will now be directed to the following page, for authentication.


Validator Click Authorize to view the authentication tokens (Oauth Verifier, RealmId, Data Source) generated. You can then paste the OAuth tokens in the Web Timesheet QuickBook OAuth Validator pop-up.


Product Update – July 24, 2013

New Feature

Timesheet Hours Details report

A new field Total Hours (Day) is now available in the Timesheet Hours Details report which displays the value of total hours entered by a user in a given day, regardless of the selected date range in the filter and regardless of whether or not the Entry Date field is selected.

Product Update – June 26, 2013

New Feature

Multi Step Approval Path Email Notification

Customer loginThe Expense is Approved notification template has a new option, Notify User for every approval. When this option is checked, users will receive emails after each approval decision/step in the approval path, especially in multi-level approval path scenarios. An email will be sent out as soon as an approver approves the expense sheet. This will happen for each approver at each level.


Product Update – April 3, 2013

New Feature

US6408 Administrators can now prevent users from editing time punches that they make in the CloudClock device.
  A new permission Allow edit of punch time entries in the timesheet is available, which when enabled allows users to edit any time entry, i.e. punches made in the CloudClock device or time entries made in the timesheet.
  The permission Allow edit of time entries in the timesheet is now renamed to Allow edit of non-punch time entries in the timesheet. When this permission is enabled, users can edit time entries made in the timesheet.
Product Update – March 13, 2013

New Feature

US6429 A new option ‘Include User's Supervisor on Notification’ is now available for the Approval and Rejection system notifications for timesheets, time off and expense sheets. If this option is enabled, the notiification is sent to the user’s supervisor when an entity is approved or rejected. if the user's supervisor is the final approver in the sequence, the notification is not sent.
Product Update – February 20, 2013
Client Manager Reporting

If you are a client manager, you can now access the following reports and view data only for your client’s projects.

  • Project Time Analysis
  • Project Status
  • Project Team Actual
  • Project Team Assigned
  • Project/Task Progress
  • Project/Task Assignments
  • Task Assignment Details
  • Project Status Summary
  • Task Status Summary
  • Project Expense Status Summary

The Clients and Projects filters list only your clients and projects. If you have multiple permissions, you can view reports based on your permissions and access levels.

Approver Access Level in Expense Reports

If you are a 'Specified User' and responsible for performing approvals, you can now access the Expense Details reports. You can also view approvals you made and if you have not yet approved anything, the report does not display any data.

Product Update – February 6, 2013
Log in Using Google ID

Customer loginYou can now log into the application with your Google ID.

Punch Details report

You can now view actual punch times along with rounded punch times in the Punch Details report. This report is available only when the CloudClock system preference is enabled.

Product Update – January 23, 2013
Filtering Expense Sheets

Date IncurredYou can now sort expense sheets based on the Date Incurred field.

Filtering Historical Expense Sheets

Approved ByYou can now filter historical expense sheets based on the Approved By filter. The filter lists users who have actually approved expense sheets; not users who have the expense approval permission.

Product Update – January 16, 2013
Filtering Expense Details Reports

Last Approval DateYou can now filter Expense Details reports based on the Last Approval Date filter. It filters the report for a selected date range, based on the last approval date of the expense sheet.

If the Display all entries in the Expense Sheet checkbox is selected, expense sheets that match the approval date are displayed in the report. If the checkbox is not selected, only projects that are approved within the approval date range, are displayed.

Filtering Time Off Details Reports

You can now filter Time Off Details reports based on the Submitted On filter. It filters the report based on dates on which time off requests are submitted for approval.