Overtime rules define under what conditions and at what rate employee overtime is paid. They can also be used to specify whether or not overtime should be banked. You can add an unlimited number of overtime rules, based on any of the templates described below. However, each user can have only one assigned overtime rule at a time.

To set up Overtime rule:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Select Administration from the top menu.
  • Select  Overtime Rules under Timesheet Setup from the side menu.
  • Select the Add button. The Add New Overtime Rule page opens.
  • Enter a name and a description for the new rule.
  • From the Include Time Off field, select the time off types you would like included in the overtime calculations.
  • Select a template from the Template drop down.
  • In the Conditions field:

    • Specify for what hours overtime will be paid. You can create multiple conditions. For example, you could specify that, – Any time beyond 40 hours worked each week is paid an overtime rate, and/or – Any time greater than 8 hours but less than 10 hours worked each day is paid at one rate, and any time greater than 10 hours worked each day is paid at a different rate.
    • For each condition created in step a, specify the pay code (or rate multiplier) those hours will be paid at.
    • For each condition you created in step a, specify whether overtime hours that meet each condition should be banked.
  • Click Save.
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