How do I hide billable rates and amounts in users’ reports in Web TimeSheet?

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You can prevent users from being able to view hourly billing rates by removing certain report permissions for these users. Steps to set this up are listed below.

  • Select Administration from the top menu, and then select Users/Departments > Permissions from the side menu.
  • Click the edit link next to the permission profile assigned to the user.
  • Click the Report Permissions tab, and expand the Reports section.
  • Uncheck these options:

    • Show billable rates and amounts
    • Show project cost data under the reports option
  • Click Save.

You will have to remove these permissions for all permission profiles assigned to the user. If other users who should have these billing permissions are assigned the affected permission profiles, you'll have to create a new profile with these options enabled, and assign it to the users who should have these permissions.

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