Adding an Expense Sheet

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Expenses incurred against various projects are entered on expense sheets. Listed below are steps to add and use an expense sheet.

  • To add or edit an expense sheet:
  • Open the Expense Sheets for… page.
  • Select Expenses from the top menu.
  • Select Expense > Expenses from the side menu.
  • To add a new expense sheet, select the Add button.
  • To edit an existing expense sheet, from the Description column, click the underlined name of the sheet you want to edit.
  • Enter or edit fields on the expense sheet header.
  • Expense Sheet Header Fields

Below listed are the available field names and their description.

  • Tracking Number (non-editable): This number can be used to used to identify and refer to the expense sheet, and is automatically generated when you save a new expense sheet for the first time. The tracking number will display on all Expense list pages, offline expense sheets, and on applicable email notifications and Project, Expense, and Billing reports.
  • Description and Date: These are used to identify the expense sheet for reporting purposes, and are required fields.
  • Reimbursement Currency (Default is your base currency).
  • Total Reimbursement (non-editable): This is automatically calculated based on the reimbursable amounts entered.
  • From the Project field, select the project the expenses were incurred against. You can filter the list of projects by client, if required.
  • Customize the expense sheet, if necessary:
  • To add or delete expense rows…
  • To add rows, select the Add button
  • To delete a row, select the icon beside that row
  • To delete all expenses for the project, select the Delete button beneath its expense entries.
  • To select which fields (columns) display in the expense sheet…
  • Select the Settings button.
  • Enable the check boxes beside the columns you would like displayed. The available options are:

    • Date
    • Description
    • Expense Type
    • Bill Client
    • Reimburse
    • Quantity
    • Rate
    • Payment Method
    • Net Amount
    • Tax Codes
    • Amount
    • Exchange Rate
    • Reimbursement Amount
    • Expense
    • Receipts
  • Multiple projects can be included on one expense sheet. To add projects…

    • Select Add Project.
    • Specify the project filter.
    • To move expenses between projects…
    • Select the icon next to that expense.
    • Select the client and project to which the expense should be moved. They do not have to display on the expense sheet.
    • Click OK. Or, select Cancel to discard your changes.
  • Enter or edit expenses. Each row in a table represents a separate expense entry.
  • Select this link for more information on expense entry fields.
  • Key Expense Sheet Columns
  • Date Incurred: Enter the date the expense was incurred (e.g., date on the receipt). If the project has been set up to limit the dates when you can incur expenses, you will need to make sure your incurred date falls within the specified range (an error message will notify you if the incurred date is invalid, and will provide you with the proper date range).
  • Description: Enter a text description of the expense. This description is for the individual expense, and is different from the description for the expense sheet.
  • (Expense) Type: Select the type of expense and enter the amount.
  • If you selected a rate-based expense type (i.e., mileage), the Expense Details page will appear. You must enter the quantity for the expense (instead of the amount). The amount will be calculated based on the quantity entered and the rate specified at the system level (see Expense Codes). If you have permission to do so, you may override the expense rate that will be used to calculate the amount.
  • Expense Receipts

    • Upload an image of the expense receipt. For more information, refer to Working with Expense Receipt Images.
    • This feature is not available for use with offline expense sheets.
    • Select Save. Or, select Cancel to discard your changes.

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