Scenario :
The organization has Project's which they had been undertaking themselves and working for various clients. Now they want to give the project's to other organizations as well. However, customer wants to categorize the Project's so that on the Project Display screen he would be able to see the Project's which was undertaken by his organization as one category and also the project's that has been assigned to other companies as another category.
On the Project Display screen it is not possible as there are only two filter's which are " My Project's" and " All Project's" and there are no more drop down options which can be provided.
However, as an alternate solution a User Defined Field can be created at Project/Task level and accordingly assigned.
Please follow the steps below to create a User Defined Field and categorize the Project's accordingly.
  • Login to Web TimeSheet as the Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration Icon and the click on User's and Department's.
  • Under that click on User Defined Field and click on Project/ Tasks as we need to categorize Project's.
  • Name the User Defined Field as " Type" and it select type as "Drop-Down".
  • Enter the value such as " Internal" and "External". (N.B. : Here "Internal" would mean that the Project's have been undertaken by the company and "External" would mean that the Project's have been assigned to any other organization.)
  • Also, check the box so that it is a Required field as well as Enable it.
  • After that Save the User Defined Field.
  • After that Click on the Project Icon and then the list of Project's are displayed. Select the Project's that are undertaken by the organization and then click on Edit.
  • On the Edit Project Screen there would be an Option to select Type which is the User Defined Field that we have created. Select the Type as Internal.
  • For the rest of the Project's which are assigned to other organization's repeat step ( 9 ) and select Type as External.
  • Once done in case if the user wants to select it using the category, need to click on the Project Icon and expand Search.
  • There would be an option of Type. As it is a drop-down, he can select either Internal or External based on the category he wants the Project's to be listed and search for it.
  • It would display the Project's which are undertaken by the company, in case if the Type is selected as Internal or Project's handled by other organizations in case if the Type is selected as External.

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