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To edit multiple projects simultaneously:

  • Select Project from the top menu.
  • From the List Projects section, select the projects you want to edit.
  • Use Search to filter the project list. (Ctrl-click to select multiple projects)

To edit task assignments:

  • Click the Team button. The Manage Team Member page displays.
  • From the Project Team Member field, select the name of the user whose assignments you want to modify. (Filter the list of tasks, if required. Filtering is especially valuable if the user is working on the same task across multiple projects (e.g., Web Design))
  • In the task list, select:

    • The Allow check box to allow the team member access to the task.
    • The Deny check box to deny the team member access to the task. (To find tasks more easily, click '+'(expand) or '-' (collapse) or 'Expand All/Collapse All')
  • Click Save.