What is a Stopwatch and how to use it?

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The Stopwatch allows you to record the exact number of hours and minutes you worked on a task/activity.

  • When you begin working on a task , click the 'stopwatch' icon (located at the bottom of the timesheet) to begin recording your time.
  • When you are finished working on that task , click the icon again. The amount of time you spent working displays next to your cursor.
  • Click in a time cell to commit the stopwatch time to the corresponding item and date. A Stopwatch window displays.
  • If you are committing the time:

    • To an empty time cell, select 'OK'.
    • To a cell that already contains time, select:
  • Accumulate to add to the existing value, or
  • Overwrite to replace the existing value.
  • Select Discard or Cancel to cancel the process and discard saved time without applying it to a task.

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