Settings button missing in reports.

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Settings button in the reports is permission driven. This permission tunrs on/off the settings button on ALL the reports.

The affected user permissions needs to be noted.

  • Login to Web TimeSheet as Administrator
  • Click on Administration tab
  • Click on users from the left
  • Locate and double click on the affected user
  • Under access tab, make note of all the permissions that checked to the user. (If there are more than 1 permission assigned for the user, all these permissions needs to be checked later as suggested below.)

Go to the specific permission to check granular level permission as follow.

  • Login to Web TimeSheet as administrator.
  • Click on Administration tab.
  • Click on Permissions under user/departments.
  • Click on the name of the affected permission.
  • Click on Reports tab with in the permission.
  • Expand the first section called "Reports"
  • Put a check mark next to "Edit Report settings"
  • Click on save to the permission.

If there were more than 1 permission checked for the user in their user profile, decide which permission should be granted the edit report settings. Not all permissions may be required to do so according a company's requirement.

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