What is a Substitute User? Why would I need to set up a substitute user?

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We can authorize another user to manage your Web TimeSheet tasks by assigning them as your substitute user. We can have multiple substitutes with different permissions.

You may need to set up a substitute user, for example, if you are going on vacation and your Web TimeSheet actions (for example, timesheet entry, approvals, etc.) need to be carried out while you are away. Or if, for example, in your organization or department, a non-administrative user is required to enter time on behalf of several users.

Web TimeSheet administrator may make substitute user assignments on your behalf via your user profile. Any changes they make to your substitute user assignments will display on your Substitute Users for… and Add/Edit Substitute Users pages. (This Paragraph applies to Web TimeSheet versions 8.9 and above).

TimeSheet User's require access rights to set substitute users. This can be done by clicking on 'Settings' at the top left -> Settings -> Substitute Users -> Add.
User can also log in and perform all Web TimeSheet tasks as normally during periods when a substitute user is assigned for them.

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