In Web TimeSheet, a user can be granted certain permissions which define what features a user has access to. Hierarchy Filtering on the other hand is a feature that defines what data a user has access to in Web TimeSheet. For example, a user's permissions determine if the user can edit projects but, Hierarchy Filtering determines which projects are visible to the user. Both permission and hierarchy filtering can be used in conjunction to increase security and visibility within your Web TimeSheet application.

Hierarchy filtering limits a user’s visibility of departments, projects, and data depending on their position in the hierarchy. This means, when hierarchy filtering is enabled, a user can view only the data this is pertaining to his primary department and its sub-departments. Therefore, only users in the top department (root department level) can see all the users' data across departments.

Note: Hierarchy Filtering affects all the users irrespective of their permission (Administrators, Supervisors, Project Leaders etc.) hence, users may report that they are unable to view all departments/projects/data.

The visibility to the following features is affected by enabling/disabling Hierarchy Filtering in Web TimeSheet,

  • Department Visibility
  • Project Visibility
  • User Visibility

The following are the features that are not affected by Hierarchy Filtering in Web TimeSheet,

  • Productivity
  • Administration items
  • Approvals

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