When an organization wants to track employees time against their Client's Jobs / Items that exists in QuickBooks, it becomes necessary to transfer the project structure from QuickBooks to Web TimeSheet so users can readily start entering time on the Projects.

You can transfer Jobs – Subjobs or Item – Subitems from QuickBooks to Web TimeSheet as Project-Task using Integration manager.
Please note that only the below Structural Relationships are allowed for such transfers.
Job – Project
Sub-job – Task

Item – Project
Sub-Item – Task

'Job/Sub-job' relation is used in QuickBooks typically for Payroll purposes. It can also be used to simply track time.

'Item/Sub-Item' relation is used in QuickBooks typically for Client Invoicing or Billing Clients.

'Client Invoices' in QuickBooks normally consist of Billable time and Billable Expenses to a customer.

'Item' is typically used when there is cost associated, that a client needs to pay, therefore one will see Item section in the QuickBooks 'Client Invoices'.

To transfer the structure of either Jobs/Subjobs or Item/Subitems from QuickBooks to Web TimeSheet, launch QuickBook Integration manager,

  • Click on 'Job/Items' section on the the left side menu.
  • Select the direction of transfer as from 'QuickBooks to Web TimeSheet' and click 'Next'.
  • Select the required mappings as per the choices mentioned above.

Note: It is 'not' possible to transfer 'Job as Project', 'Item as Task' or the other way around. This is because, there exists "No" direct relationship between Jobs and Items in QuickBooks. In other words, there is a relationship between Job-SubJobs, because they are connected with a parent-child relationship. The same relationship also applies to Item-SubItem. This information is comprehensible by the Integration manager and can offer such 'Job-SubJob' or 'Item-SubItem' transfer.

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