Pre-Installation Checklists:

  • Before installing the Integration Manager for QuickBooks:

    • Update your version of QuickBooks to include all available patches (recommended)
    • Ensure you are installing the integration module on the computer where QuickBooks is installed
    • Ensure the existing installation of the integration module (if upgrading) and QuickBooks are closed.
    • Ensure the Integration Manager for QuickBooks (XML) is not currently installed on your system.
  • Where to find the installer for QuickBooks Integration Manager?

    • Select Integrations from the top menu in Web TimeSheet.
    • From the Modules side menu, select the name of the module Quick Books
    • Download the extensions installation file from the page that displays.

      • This is the same page from which you will download the Integration Manager installation file.
    •  Launch the installation file, and follow the instructions provided in the installation wizard that launches.

You will be required to enter the Web Timesheet url and the administrator user name and password. Contact your system administrator if you are unsure of this information.


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