• Log in to Web Resource with administrative privileges.
  • Select ‘Resources’ from the top menu. Resources menu list appears.
  • Click on ‘List Resources’. The ‘List Resources’ page appears.
  • Click the (+) sign next to ‘Filters’ (located under ‘List Resources’ and ‘Logged in as’). A new filters box opens up.
  • Select ‘Disabled’ if you need to enable a disabled user or ‘Enabled’ to disable a user under ‘Resources’ in the new filters box.
  • Click on ‘Apply’. The disabled user list will appear at the bottom of the new filters box opens up.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ (Yellow pencil) button next to the user name located under 'Resource List'. The ‘View Resource’ page appears.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button to edit the user preferences (Edit button is located on the right had side in a gray box and on the left is the name of the user listed). The ‘Edit Resource’ page appears.
  • In the ‘Define Resource’ section, check the box next to ‘Enabled’.
  • Click on ‘Save’
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