How to use a template to create a schedule in Web Schedule?

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Open the Manage Schedule templates page.

  • Select 'Schedules' from the top menu.
  • Select 'Templates' from the side menu. To create a new template, click 'Add'. To edit an existing template, click the edit icon next to that template.

    • The 'Add/Edit … Schedule' Template page displays.
  • Enter or edit the template name, and the recurring pattern length.

    • For example: If users work 4 days on, 4 days off, you might create a template with a recurring pattern length of 8 days. Since this is not a standard week-length, you will be asked to give a reference start date for use in the preview.
    • The schedule entry row will update to match the pattern length.
    • If you enter a recurring pattern length that is not equal to 7 days, you will be asked to enter a reference start date. The template cycle will begin at the reference date, but hours will only be scheduled for a user as of the start date of their template assignment.
    • For example: If you create a 4 days on, 4 days off schedule (scheduled employee works four days, then has four days off), with a reference date of May 3 and assign it to a user with a template start date of May 6, the following will occur:
    • May 3 : Reference date of template; template cycle begins with first 'on' day; User is not scheduled
    • May 4 : Second 'on' day of template cycle; User is not scheduled
    • May 5 : Third 'on' day of template cycle; User is not scheduled
    • May 6 : Fourth 'on' day of template cycle; User is scheduled to work
    • May 7 : First 'off' day of template cycle; User has a day off scheduled
    • May 8 : Second 'off' day of the template cycle; User has a day off scheduled Etc…
  • 4. Enter schedule times in the entry row. You can drag and drop to move existing entries. A preview of how the schedule will recur displays in the 'Preview' calendar. Unpublished time displays in green.
  • 5. Select the activities and/or user defined fields associated with the scheduled time (optional).
  • 6. Click 'Save' to save your template changes.

    • Click 'Save & Publish' to apply the template-based schedule or modifications you've made to it. The published schedule will automatically update when you publish modifications to the template it's based upon.

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