If a user punches in and out using a timecard and also enters time in a timesheet, you can compare the number of hours on the user's timecards to the hours entered in their timesheet. By comparing these values, you can ensure all of the hours worked by the user are accounted for in their timesheet, and vice versa.

To compare a timesheet to the timecards for the same period, select the Compare to Timecards button from within the timesheet.

The Compare to Timecards button will be available if:

  • You are viewing your own timesheet from the Timesheet section.
  • You are approving a timesheet and your permissions include View timecards from timesheet.
  • You are viewing a timesheet from the Historical Timesheets page and have permission to access the Timecard Admin page.

The Hours Discrepancies pop-up window displays. For each day of the timesheet period, it shows:

  • The number of hours the user was marked as in on their timecard.
  • The number of working hours entered in the timesheet (time off is not included in this total as the user would be out during this time).
  • The difference between these two values.

If the difference is not zero, ensure the timesheet or timecard are adjusted as necessary. If you are reviewing your own timesheet and the discrepancy is due to an error in the timecard, contact the person who approves your timesheet or your system administrator. If you are approving someone else's timesheet, you may be able to edit the timesheet and edit the timecard, depending on your permissions.

To view the details of a particular timecard, return to the timesheet and select the View Period Timecards button.

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