How to find out what permissions are assigned to users in Web TimeSheet?

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It becomes essential for an administrator to know if the employees have the right permissions to do their routine tasks in Web TimeSheet.
In Web TimeSheet application, the permissions determine what users should see once they login. For example, an Administrator permission would have complete access to the application, Supervisor permission would have access typically to approve time, time off information etc.

Finding who has what permission assigned, will help the administrator make necessary changes to the individual's permission if needed.

Resolution:The best way to check this is by running a User Detail report.

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Click on the Reports icon at the top.
  • Click on User Detail, under Administration Reports.
  • Select the following fields under Column tab

    • User Name, Permission Name.
  • Click on Grouping tab and set Row Group By to User Name.
  • Ensure that all Filters are selected appropriately. (For example – users are set to All users, etc)
  • Save and Run the report.

It is possible that the users may appear multiple times, if they are assigned to multiple department with the inclusion of Department Name or Department Code fields without any grouping.
If you don't wish to see users multiple times in the report, please remove the Department related fields from the report column or use 'Rows Group By' option to group the generated data by users and each User Name will appear just once.

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