When you export Web TimeSheet report data to Microsoft Excel 2003, the percentage value shows incorrectly. For Example, the equivalent of 100% shows as '0' in the excel sheet.

To export report data in Excel 2003, you will need to change the 'Default timesheet to display' setting to '.csv (Older Excel Versions)'

  • Log into Web TimeSheet.
  • Click on Settings ( at the op right corner besides the Log out button)
  • In the Edit User Preferences window, set the Default timesheet to display to .csv (Older Excel Versions)
  • Click Save.

Microsoft Office 2007, system introduced the new file format based on XML. It is called Open XML Formats and applies to Microsoft Office Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
Earlier in Office 2003 the file used to be saved in binary format. In such instances, .csv files would open in Office 2003 and earlier versions.
We will be able to open an old document file (Office 2003) in newer versions (Office 2007), but not a Office 2007 document file in an older version (Office 2003).
So, when we try to open a .xml file in 2003, the values change as Excel 2003 does not have the ability to read a newer file system.

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