When you use Replicon integration tool to transfer project data from Web TimeSheet to Microsoft Project Server, you may encounter this error.

A non-enterprise resource is added to a project and time is entered under the resource in Microsoft Project. Transfer the project to Web TimeSheet and then enter time against the resource in Web TimeSheet. When transferring the project back to Microsoft Project Server, the transfer fails, showing the error Resource Has Actual.

To address this issue, convert the local resource to an enterprise resource as follows:

  • Open a new, blank project.
  • Select Resource Sheet from the View menu.
  • Enter the local resource.
  • Save the project locally.
  • Open the project in which the resource needs to be converted.
  • Select Tools>Enterprise Options>Import Resources to Enterprise.
  • Import the resource using the provided wizard.

The resource will now be part of the enterprise resource pool. Attempt to transfer the project again.

Applicable for Microsoft Project Server edition only.

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