Use of Broadcast E-mail Message in Web TimeSheet.

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Purpose of Broadcast E-mail Message:
Broadcasting message is an effective way to notify users on system upgrades, timesheet changes, project status, or news about your organization. You may broadcast e-mail messages to one or department in your organization. Web TimeSheet saves all information from the last sent broadcast message.

How to send Broadcast E-mail Message from Web TimeSheet ?

To send Broadcast E-mail Message from Web TimeSheet follow the below steps:

  • Select Administration from the top menu.
  • Select Communications > Broadcast from the side menu.
  • From To Department field, select the department to send the e-mail to.

To send the message to users in the sub-departments of the selected department, enable the Include Sub-Departments option.

Specify the Reply To address that should be used by users when replying to the broadcast.

  • Enter the subject and body text of the e-mail message.
  • Click 'Send'. Your message will be sent immediately.

All broadcast text (all fields) will be saved until the next broadcast message is sent.
Only users from the selected department, with the Receive e-mail sent through the broadcast functionality enabled in the E-mail section of their user profile will receive the message.

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